As more workers return to the office, companies are adapting their spaces to meet today's needs. For Amazon and its more than 3,500 corporate employees in downtown Toronto, that's meant expanding and renovating its office spaces.

Its latest move is an impressive renovation of the 47th floor of Scotia Plaza -- the location of Amazon's YYZ16 office, which occupies five floors of the 40 King Street West tower. Originally opened in 2018, the YYZ16 office now houses the Amazon Ads, Prime Video, and Amazon Music teams, all of which get to take advantage of the newly refreshed space.

The incredibly spacious floor plan offers a mix of open-concept workspaces with private rooms that range in size. Employees are able to stay mobile and set up shop for the day where they wish, whether that be in one of the smaller meeting rooms or at a hotelling desk near the floor-to-ceiling windows.

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One constant throughout much of the space are colourful murals hand painted by Toronto-based artist Vivian Rosas. From the reception area to the Amazon Ads boardroom, the murals are influenced by themes of feminism, empowerment, and diversity, with familiar Toronto landmarks and even the city's unofficial mascots -- a raccoon and white squirrel -- popping up.

amazon torontoThe Amazon Ads boardroom. (Amazon Canada)

amazon torontoAmazon's open-concept work stations. (Amazon Canada)

Dsc00112Communal seating areas are spread throughout the office space. (Amazon Canada)

The revamp also included the creation of an all-new Amazon Music room -- unique to Amazon in Canada -- where the music team can host artists and VIP guests. Designed to be fully soundproof, the room is equipped with a high-end sound system so artists can play their latests tracks. The space also features a wall-to-wall mural by Vancouver artist Priscilla Yu that's inspired by city living.

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Amazonmusiclounge3The new Amazon Music room at YYZ16. (Amazon Canada)

YYZ16 is just one of three tech hubs Amazon operates in downtown Toronto. The others, YYZ14 and YYZ18, are located at 120 Bremner Boulevard and 18 York Street, respectively.

Earlier this year, YYZ14, which originally opened in 2015 as Amazon's first office in the city, took over two more floors of the Bremner tower, bringing the grand total to seven.

amazon torontoThe entryway to YYZ14. (Amazon Canada)

amazon torontoAmazon Robotics developments on display. (Amazon Canada)

With the expansion, employees at YYZ14, which includes Amazon's robotics and business teams, will have access to perks like an on-site barista, in addition to the other standard Amazon offerings like well-equipped kitchens, lactation rooms, interfaith rooms, and quiet rooms.

Dsc00009Each floor is equipped with its own kitchen. (Amazon Canada)

amazon torontoEmployees enjoying the complimentary barista-prepared drinks, (Amazon Canada)

YYZ18 is the newest tech hub, opening in the spring of 2022. It houses Amazon Web Services across eight floors of the building and is home to a dedicated large-scale event and catering space on the seventh floors, used to host external events and guests.

Pho06109 1 900x562 1The view from YYZ18. (Amazon Canada)

And as the human workers have to head back to the office, Amazon will gain some new "employees" of the four-legged variety. The company is now allowing workers to bring their dogs to the office, and has built out designated play spaces with free treats on offer.