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In Canada’s competitive real estate market, looking the part is not just a nice idea – it’s expected.

After all, clients are trusting you with what’s likely the biggest and most important financial decision of their lives; looking clean, professional, stylish, and like you mean business can help seal those deals and make for happy clients.

While revamping one’s wardrobe may seem intimidating for some, an appointment at Canadian mens and women's made-to-measure brand INDOCHINO's sleek showrooms (conveniently located in cities across the country) takes all of the guesswork out of creating a suit that is comfortable, functional, and customizable to individual tastes and personalities.

All of the brand’s seasoned Style Guides — AKA in-house professionals — are well equipped to answer any and all questions when it comes to fabrics, customization, and fit, helping to ease the journey for a new client. With zero push to sell, these experts have an eye for style and customization and will help find a suit that’s perfect for you. And in what's perhaps the best part, looking suave won't break the bank. The brand's made-to-measure suits – which start at $499 CAD – look like they cost much more than they actually do.

Once you've done your research and determined INDOCHINO is the suit for you, the next step in creating a fully customized suit is booking an appointment at a showroom.

And once you've done that, here's what you can expect.


The Prep Work

While stepping into an INDOCHINO showroom sets the stage for a simple and seamless experience, there’s a small amount of prep work that should be done prior to a visit – but don’t worry, it’s not daunting.

The first thing to keep in mind is the occasion or season for which you are being suited. Different fabrics work for different situations, whether that’s daily showings or after-work networking events. When it comes to fabric, the key word is "options" —INDOCHINO has over 150 fabrics to choose from. While this may seem overwhelming, Style Guides will help you narrow down those options to suit your style and needs.

To get a better idea of the look, INDOCHINO recommends bringing dress shoes, a belt, and a dress shirt, depending on what you’ll be wearing your suit for.

Finally, give some thought to personalization, in terms of customizations and monograms. Each suit comes with up to 40 characters of monogramming inside the jacket, so think about how you want to personalize your suit, right down to these appreciated added touches.


Shop 25% off at INDOCHINO with discount code STOREYS.

No exclusions. No minimum spend required.


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The Finer Details

As experts in impeccable dressing, INDOCHINO's Style Guides will ask all the right questions to get their clients that perfectly tailored suit.

Naturally, the first question centres on occasion: where will you be wearing your suit, why, and when? Details such as seasonality can help, when it comes to fabric suggestions and selections. Colour choice and feel of the fabric are important, as different compositions have different functionalities. Whether you're looking for a more traditional and classic suit material, or a light and linen option for a garden party, you'll find what you're looking for.

Style Guides will also inquire about timelines; the process for a suit to be completed and sent to the client takes three to five weeks. So, they'll ensure that they have enough time to work their magic if there is a specific date in mind.

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INDOCHINO Style Guides will also ask how you like your garments to fit. Everyone has their own specific style, but you will want to consider whether you prefer a trendier, more fitted look, a slouchy and oversized vibe, or something more classically tailored. If you’re not quite sure, the Style Guides will visually highlight all of the options available, and offer suggestions.

And of course, customization is the name of the game at INDOCHINO. As such, the brand's Style Guides will go through all customization options available, ranging from lapel choice to cuffed or uncuffed pants.

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The Timelines

When it comes to impeccably tailored style, there’s no room to rush. Clients can expect about an hour for the fitting process, to allow enough time for questions, the actual fitting, and fabric selections.

The production process is one to two weeks, and shipping typically takes one to two weeks. So, overall, the brand typically recommends up to three to five weeks from start to finish. Good things (i.e. that perfect suit that fits your body like a glove) come to those who wait, right?


Shop 25% off at INDOCHINO with discount code STOREYS.

No exclusions. No minimum spend required.


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