There’s no home furniture store that sells pieces quite as versatile as Ikea. Heck, even the Royal Family has admitted to shopping there, likely for that exact reason!

From using an Ivar side unit as a hanging shelf to turning the Kallax shelf into a nightstand, the possibilities are endless when it comes to giving Ikea products alternative uses.

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So, to help you discover the true potential of your furniture, we’ve rounded up the 10 best Ikea hacks for the bedroom. These genius ideas are sure to take your living space to the next level.

1. Use the Kallax shelf as a nightstand to maximize storage space.

Photo by The Everygirl

No need to overcrowd your nightstand! Now you can proudly display your diffuser, bedtime reading material, side table lamp and alarm clock all in one space.

Get the hack here: The Everygirl

2. Create a DIY headboard using Sanela curtains.

Photo by Cuckoo 4 Design

Make your bed stand out with a unique headboard made with Ikea Sanela curtains and brass nailheads. Who knew that would be a winning combo?

Get the hack here: Cuckoo 4 Design

3. Create a bedroom workspace using a tabletop and Malm drawers.

Photo by Lust Living

You can totally create a stunning workspace in your room without compromising storage space. Just add a tabletop over two Malm chest drawers, and voila! You’ve got a brand new desk with tons of room for your clothes, office supplies and more.

Get the hack here: Lust Living

4. Use an Ivar side unit in the small nook of your room.

Photo by The Wall Whisperer

Not all furniture can fit in the small corner of a bedroom. Luckily, you can still take advantage of the space by mounting an Ivar side unit to the wall. Angling the shelving unit will give it a stylish look, and you’ll be able to hang anything you want on there from clothes to magazines.

Get the hack here: The Wall Whisperer

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5. Organize your closet like a pro using Ekby Lerberg shelf brackets.

Photo by Livet Hemma

Mount the Ekby Lerberg brackets upside down to turn them into handy hangers in your closet. This will give a modern look to your wardrobe and give a whole new meaning to “shopping your closet.”

Get the hack here: Livet Hemma

6. Give your Pax wardrobe a whole new look with a raised platform.

Photo by Design Sponge

Dressers are out, floating wardrobes are in! A custom-wooden platform and oversized door knobs were added to this Ikea Pax closet. The extra storage space under the dresser is perfect for shoes, suitcases or any other big items, while the custom shelves built on the side is perfect for smaller items, like books or linens.

Get the hack here: Design Sponge

7. Put your jewelry on display using Hovsta frames.

Photo by CTRL + Curate

This multipurpose idea is brilliant! Not only is framed jewelry a unique piece of bedroom decor, but it’s also a fun way to store your bling when you’re not wearing it.

Get the hack here: CTRL + Curate

8. Turn a Kallax shelf into a storage bench for your bedroom.

Ikea6 Photo by Tonic Living

Save on space in your bedroom by transforming your Kallax shelf into a storage bench. Not only will it provide extra seating, but it’s an easy way to store any extra items you have lying around your room.

Get the hack here: Tonic Living

9. Free up space with a floating nightstand using a Kallax shelf insert.

Ikea9 Photo by The Sorry Girls

If you want your room to feel less cluttered, consider having a floating nightstand. This one is made from a laminate shelf and Kallax shelf insert. This simple idea frees up floor space for a hamper or a dog bed.

Get the hack here: The Sorry Girls

10. Organize your wardrobe with a Lack shelf in your closet.

Ikea10 Photo by Lil Lamb Lost

Instead of using the Ikea Lack shelf above your bed, flip it over and use it as an organizer for your closet. The cubby spaces it creates over your closet rack is especially handy when it comes time to swap out your seasonal clothes.

Get the hack here: Lil Lamb Lost

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