Summer in Toronto isn’t typically known for being scorching, but this one is just hot enough to send you indoors! But every time you step inside, you’re reminded that your place hasn’t gotten a refresher since 2001. No to worry — redecorating doesn't have to be so complicated.

“Decor is a great opportunity to work in trends on a smaller scale. You can find great pillows on Etsy in trendy colours and fabrics, find an inexpensive art print or poster that has a retro feel, or buy a few coffee table books that have beautiful covers and cover topics that you’re interested in,” says Alana Firestone and Jordy Fagan, from the Toronto interior design firm Collective Studio

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“The items you display should reflect your personality and style — not just a trend,” the designers advise. “We love finding creative ways to showcase items that are meaningful or have a story, whether it’s something you picked up on a recent trip or a cool box of matches from a favourite restaurant. Seemingly small things can make a big impact!”

If you’re looking to redecorate your living space this summer, here are five home decor trends bringing the heat right now. 

1. Biophilia

Use summer as the perfect opportunity to not only connect with nature outside but within your home. Natural, organic materials like concrete, stone and natural wood finishes create a more open, airier and lighter space. 

“In general, we’ve seen a shift towards natural, warm textures and colours,” Firestone and Fagan told Toronto Storeys. “Maybe it has to do with people thinking more about how a space makes them feel in addition to how it looks. This trend extends to things like indoor plants, natural materials — think leather, linen, or rattan — and incorporating earth tones.”

2. Bold jewel tones

Gone are the days of less-is-more minimalism, dominated by greys to greiges. This summer, energize your living space by adding rich jewel tones like indigo, emerald green, deep purples and rich reds. Textured pillows, rugs and accessories in these colours will breathe life into your living space.

“We’ve also seen a return of retro colours like mustard, hunter green, and terracotta – they’re all bold, earthy, and feel modern right now,” say Firestone and Fagan.

3. Maximalist art

More is more in 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited. Plain walls get a makeover with eclectic prints, bold graphics, floral patterns and mixed materials and textures. Don’t be afraid to layer your walls or even add a unique, one-of-a-kind artistic piece to your living space.

4. Retro and vintage

Retro decor is making a big comeback in 2019, with art-deco inspired graphic patterns, lots of texture, bold colours, and curved edges replacing rigid, straight lines. Vintage lighting, such as exposed Edison bulbs and vintage sconces, are great accents when looking to add that retro feel to your space without being cheesy. 

“Like fashion, design is cyclical so decor trends from the past are always coming back in style, even things we would never expect!” say Firestone and Fagan. “As with all trends, we think the key is to not overdo it. You want to aim for a modern take on retroelements, not make your home look like the set of ‘Stranger Things.’

For example, you could opt for a wooden vanity (which is very on trend) or use a patterned tile in your bathroom, but then keep the rest of the space light and simple. In your living room, pairing a distressed leather couch or chair in a warm colour with more modern furniture will keep the space from looking outdated.”

5. Mixed materials

This trend makes decorating the living space really fun and allows for experimentation! Think wicker, bamboo cast iron and aluminum for the patio furniture, and you can even throw in some linen, which is very on-trend right now. Indoors, opt for mixed metal accents, natural woods and passementerie a.k.a. dramatic trimmings and brightly coloured tassels — to tie it all together. The key to mixing materials is to not overdo it and find the perfect balance to complement each other. 

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