Depending on who you ask, the Canadian rental market ranges from super expensive to downright absurd. And a recent Halifax listing is a perfect example of the latter.

In a now-deleted Kijiji post, a landlord advertised an available bedroom in the Nova Scotia capital, asking $750 per month, which, compared to the city's average one-bedroom rent of $1,957, seems like a total steal.

Unfortunately, there's a very clear reason the bedroom is so cheap: It's not a bedroom.

Although advertised to be used "as a bedroom", the rental is, in fact, an open space in a, frankly, scary-looking, unfinished basement. One could argue, however, that the term "open" isn't totally accurate-- the landlord did build a dividing wall out of storage bins, after all. It even has an oddly placed accent mirror with a broken frame to give it a certain je ne sais quoi. According to the listing, the mismatched yellow, blue, grey, and beige bins are there to give "privacy from the laundry room and stairs," -- what more could you want!

Halifax basement bedroom rental storage bins 1

halifax basement rental bedroom storage bins wallKijiji

The listing made sure to highlight that the residence is "420 friendly," but they're not letting things get too out of hand because there are some rules: no smoking indoors, no partying, and no pets.

Interested renters were asked to put up a $250 damage deposit, although what there is to damage, we're not entirely sure. As one Twitter user pointed out, the basement has no ceilings, flooring, or proper walls to speak of that a tenant could ruin.

If you were hoping to have a second person move into this rustic room with you, you're in luck. The landlord said it's allowed, it would just cost you an extra $200 every month.

Heat, hot water, electricity, WiFi, laundry, and a parking space are all included, and if you want access to a kitchen, bathroom, or dining room, you can just head upstairs to share with the other residents (and be jealous of the actual rooms that they have).

The listing was taken down after just three days on Kijiji, and after seeing how many building code regulations it violates, it's not hard to see why. (Reddit users who say they reported the listing probably didn't help either.)

The Nova Scotia Building Code egress requirements state that bedrooms must have at least one of the following: an approved sprinkler system, a door leading directly to the exterior of the building, or a window equal to, or exceeding, 542 sq. in. With no sprinklers, no door, and only a very small basement window visible in the photos, it seems to fail here.

Halifax basement bedroom rental storage binsKijiji

Halifax by-laws go one step further and require that all bedrooms have windows that can be used as a means of egress. They also state that bedrooms can't be used for any other purpose, including a laundry room. Weirdly, it doesn't say that a wall of storage bins is sufficient separation?

Although Halifax does allow basement rentals, its by-laws are very clear about minimum standards. All floors and surfaces are to be kept free from dampness, and every wall, ceiling, and floor is to be kept free of holes, cracks, loose coverings, and loose, warped or broken boards. Something about the bare cement floors and exposed electrical in the "ceiling" seems like it wouldn't be up to snuff.

Whether this listing is a sign of someone trying to take advantage of the sky-high rental market, or a homeowner struggling with higher mortgage payments and trying to make some extra income, one thing is clear: the real estate market is rough for everyone.