Even as Ontario steps further into its reopening, the verdict is clear: Tele-, virtual, and physically-distanced activities aren't going away anytime soon.

Perhaps your office closed its doors at the beginning of the pandemic and -- in the year-plus that's passed -- decided to stay shuttered and implement permanent work-from-home.

Or, maybe you skipped t̶o̶w̶n̶ city in search of greener pastures, and you've realized the more time you have to spend at home with loved ones, the better.

In any case, some degree of remoteness is here to stay... But so are responsibilities that, until now, have always been addressed in person. Some of which -- like taking on legal matters -- are too important to leave in the hands of Google's search bar.

Luckily, you don't need to rely on the algorithm. Instead, you can count on a team of lawyers who are intentional about making their services accessible in the virtual sphere: Those at Falcon Law PC.

Comprised of practicing Ontario lawyers qualified in the realm of real estate, the Falcon Law PC team makes online real estate transactions easy. The firm operates virtually, rendering commutes, in-office wait times, and the physical sign-off of legal documents not just unnecessary but dated too.

For Who? Me?

What's more, the lawyers at Falcon Law PC aren't limited to aiding only buyers or sellers in real estate, but both alike, and beyond. Being versed in residential purchases, refinances, and sales, anyone seeking support and insight surrounding their real estate transaction can look to Falcon Law PC's services, regardless on which "side" of the deal they stand on.

First-time buyers, for example, can face many challenges when they're preparing to sign for their first home. Between securing funds, attending showings, and trying to stay on top of (or ahead of) other bids, (all as a pandemic rages on, mind you!) there's little time left to be attending appointments at a law firm across town.

Through Falcon Law PC, legal services remain accessible, but even easier to reach. So, first-time buyers can rest easy knowing even though they've never made a major purchase like this before, they're guided by experts who won't steer them wrong.

(Your) Time is of the Essence

If there's any trepidation around approaching legal services through the virtual sphere, take heart: Despite a lack of a handshake between yourself and your lawyer, Falcon Law PC's modus operandi ensures you feel supported, every step of the way.

In fact, thanks to digital connections like video- and tele-conference, Falcon Law PC lawyers have the capacity to meet when it's convenient for you.

It's thanks to this virtual operation -- alongside a value system that understands clients as individuals beyond their unique transaction -- that Falcon Law PC is able to be particularly available for clients. Inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours, if not earlier, and communication is consistently clear.

And while, as mentioned above, signing documents IRL isn't on the menu, all necessary paperwork does still get done. Signing on the dotted line can happen via digital documents in a few easy clicks, making the process even more efficient than traditional practices would allow.

The Cost is a Benefit

In terms of cost, clients can anticipate flat fees and bundled packages wherever it's possible, and they'll certainly gain from Falcon Law PC's belief that "billable hours are inefficient." Generic and admin tasks like emails, phone calls, and quick questions won't be charged. In essence, the firm says, a pricing system focused on billable hours discourages offices from optimizing efficiency alongside effectiveness in legal services.

In fact, if you're hoping to glean insight on whether Falcon Law PC can support you through your real estate transaction, the team offers 15- and 30-minute consultation calls for free. (Click here to book yours.)

As of late, the team at Falcon Law PC has advised a small business with respect to an NDA breach, has filed a claim for an independent contractor removed without notice or pay, has defended a real estate salesperson facing breach-of-duty claims, and more.

Be you a buyer, seller, real estate agent, mortgage agent, or investor, Falcon Law PC can support you as you navigate your real estate transaction... And you don't even need to leave your couch to make it happen.

Visit www.falconlawyers.ca to learn more.

This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.