Toronto loves patio season and things are about to get even better. The province is making moves to make restaurants, bars and breweries more dog-friendly in 2020. This not only includes patios but indoor spaces too!

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Starting Jan. 1, patrons in restaurants and bars will be allowed to bring their dogs into areas where "low-risk" foods are served with booze. These foods include fruits, pre-packaged items and "most snacks," allowing businesses to invite your furry friends inside and onto patios. (At present, dogs are not allowed to be in any spaces where food is prepared or served.)

Several breweries in Ontario have already petitioned the government to make changes to allow dogs onsite. The Second Wedge Brewing Co. in Uxbridge previously had its dog-friendly tasting room contested.

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In fact, some bars have chosen to simply not sold food in certain areas nor at all. One major example is the existence of Black Lab Brewing — a 3,600-square-foot dog-friendly tap room where people can already enjoy brews alongside their best friends. Left Field Brewery and Second Wedge have done the same.

There's certainly a demand for more dog-friendly spaces in the city and across the province. Not everyone agrees though, with some people arguing this Ontario shouldn't prioritize this initiative nor allocate resources to it. Regardless, expect to see more pooches around next summer.