Daylight Saving Time (not daylight savings time, as many people say) is quickly approaching and, as far as we're concerned, it can't come soon enough. Even though the clocks are moving forward an hour on March 8 at 3 am, we'd gladly lose an hour of sleep to enjoy a little more daylight by Sunday evening.

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Daylight Saving Time is a good time of year to take on some tasks around your home that you might otherwise forget. Below, we list seven small tasks you should do whenever Daylight Saving Time comes into effect -- think of it as a sign to start your spring cleaning. So, let's begin with the most obvious...

Change Your Clocks

Unless all your clocks change automatically, you'll have to manually adjust them. Thankfully, your smartphone will do it for you, so that's one less clock to worry about changing. Your microwave, however? Not so smart.

Deep Clean

There's no time like the present to start your spring cleaning. Follow the bi-annual Daylight Saving schedule to commence your spring and fall cleaning routines. It might be a little early to switch out your seasonal wardrobe, but imagine how nice it would be to pack away your greys and blacks in favour of more colourful clothing.

Flip Your Mattress

To extend the life of your mattress, you should actually flip and rotate it multiple times a year. While you're at it, give your mattress a little love by vacuuming or steaming it to reduce your risk of bed bugs. Which is a very smart move considering Toronto is the worst city in all of Canada for bed bugs...

Replace Batteries

Now is a great time to test and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which should be done twice a year.

Change Filters

Filters aren't made to last forever, so you need to clean and replace them on a regular basis. In addition to checking your furnace and air ducts, you'll also want to inspect your hood exhausts, bathroom exhausts, clothing dryer, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, fridge water filters, and vacuum compartments.

Restock Emergency Kits

Since you (hopefully) don't use them often, it can be easy to forget all about your first-aid kits. Use Daylight Saving Time as a reminder to check and restock your pack. Not only do items expire, but you might also want to consider packing your kit with more seasonal items. The spring brings more opportunities for scratches and stings, while winter months require items like blankets, towels, and matches.

Seal Up Air Leaks

Insulation isn't only a winter issue. During the warmer months, proper insulation can help keep cool air in too. Not to mention, poor home insulation can also decrease the value of your home. According to Vahid Azari of All Season Inspection, old heaters can decrease your home's value by 10%, while poor attic and window insulation can decrease the value by five and 15%, respectively.