A growing number of Canadian real estate companies are stepping up to the plate to offer assistance to Ukrainians in the midst of the ongoing crisis. 

Last week, Western Canada’s Mainstreet Equity Corp. (Mainstreet) announced that they would provide housing assistance to refugees who have fled Ukraine. 

Now, a group of Canada’s largest private and public rental housing providers have united to offer support for the people of Ukraine. According to a press release, Boardwalk REIT, CAPREIT, Hazelview Properties, Homestead, InterRent REIT, Minto Apartment REIT, and Starlight Investments have united as “the Group” to identify ways to support those impacted by the humanitarian crisis. 

“While each organizations' program(s) may differ slightly, collectively the Group has committed to providing approximately 400 apartments with various relief packages, such as reduced/free rent, flexibility on tenure, waiving deposit requirements, added furnishings, and more,” reads the release. 

Each organization will work with authorities and agencies leading refugee programs to explore how to best support refugees arriving in Canada. Some 2M people have now fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. 

Where possible, the group of rental housing providers will also help secure employment for those in need, either through direct employment or through partnerships with outside organizations. 

“The Group would also like to acknowledge and thank their employees, residents, and partners for their compassion and understanding for each other in this difficult time. As a group of very proud Canadians, we appreciate and are thankful for all the good that our country provides,” reads the press release. “We encourage our peers to step up and join the Groups' efforts to help those in need.” 

Speaking of stepping up, a group of western Canada construction groups have also united to offer support to Ukrainians impacted by the war. The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) of Vancouver is leading a fundraising effort in BC’s construction industry to help the people of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Edmonton’s Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) is pledging construction employment to Ukrainian refugees in Canada. 

With no end to the conflict in sight, this proactiveness of the Canadian real estate and construction industries is more needed than ever.

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