If you were relying on Canada Post to deliver your holiday gifts this year, we have some bad news.

Canada Post recently announced that the postal service strike caused a backlog of parcels that won't likely be cleared until January 2019.

The news comes days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, days known for resulting in millions of parcel deliveries.

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Canada Post explains that while they typically have extra resources available to deliver at peak times, those resources have been exhausted as a result of rotating strikes and labour disruptions.

Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are no longer working overtime or weekend hours while temporary workers are discouraged from taking on additional hours.

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On Monday, the CUPW turned down an offer for $1,000 bonuses to its 50,000 members in exchange returning to work during the holidays. The CUPW said they declined the offer because it would mean workers would be returning to the same conditions they are trying to change.

Though the delays will be felt across the country, Canada Post says packages originating from or destined to southern and southwestern Ontario will experience the longest delays because the processing plants in Toronto are the countries largest and busiest—and have been the most impacted by the rotating strikes.

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And it gets worse. Canada Post also notes that as early as the end of next week, they might not be able honour pickups and induct items in the GTA due to lack of trailers and space.

So, if you want to actually enjoy the items you're buying for the holidays, you might want to consider hitting up the brick and mortar stores this year.