News roundup Get a pitcher of your favourite pink (rum) punch and get outside — summer is here. While you're sitting on your patio enjoying the sun, take a read of our top stories of June.

Summer has officially arrived, and to honour the sunny season we've rounded up the five stories of June that have resonated most in the last month. We've got insightful design and decor tips, compelling before and after shots, romance in small Toronto condos, and surprising news describing the current GTA housing market. Why not read them all?

So much love, so little space. Jason Ho bought this condo for himself and himself only, that is until he met Ida. The two now live in this 540 square feet condo and their condo is almost as full as their hearts. Toronto-born Jason Ho bought this 540-square-foot condo for himself, and then he met Ida Zhou. There were sacrifices to be made, and now their condo is as full as their hearts. But they wouldn't have it any other way.

5. One(sie) love — full condo, full hearts for this Toronto couple

Our series Love in Small Spaces features couples living in tight quarters. And in this market, there are plenty. This particular story takes us into the relationship of Toronto couple Jason Ho and Ida Zhou.

Despite the lack of physical space in this Toronto condo, the couple loves their living situation. And what better way to test your relationship than to be living on top of each other?

Relationship therapist Tammy Laber is quoted in each of the three stories in the series, lending advice to readers about how to cope with a small-space lifestyle.

Cohon profile1 2 Suzanne Cohon, co-founder of ASC Public Relations, in her (rented) Rosedale home she shares with her husband Mark Cohon,11-year-old daughter and German Shepherd. Behind Cohon is The Red Room and The Blue Room, two of three cherished paintings of rooms at The White House. (Photo by Jordan Prussky)

4. At home with Suzanne Cohon

A mansion hunter/renovator is sort of like a serial dater. They go from house to house, fixing up the loose ends until it's time to move on to the next. However, when that serial dater/mansion hunter finally finds “the one,” he or she decides to finally settle down.

Public relations maven Suzanne Cohon and her husband Mark, former CFL commissioner and current chair of CARAS (the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), have been married for 15 years, and have had five addresses. Renovating the current home they are renting in Rosedale to perfection, teaming up with the owner, the Cohons have finally found their dream home. And it's a looker.

Read the story of their picture-perfect family and stunning home decor, with photos of Cohon’s favourite room.

Redpinstory In condo land, the average price per square foot across the city of Toronto was found to be $629, a 26 per cent increase from the same time last year, reports

3. Toronto condo pricing sees double-digit spikes

Hyder Owainati of TheRedPin Brokerage breaks down condo pricing in the GTA. Although the market right now shows signs of cooling, price per square foot has increased. Wondering what the priciest neighbourhood is? Read on for an explanation of what’s going on in the city. And while you're at it, check out some of Owainati's other pieces on the site.

5thoughtsmain The housing market can be unkind to millennials. For those looking to gain a little independence, it can largely be impossible in these conditions.

2. 5 questions a millennial has before diving into the housing market

The price of independence is a lot cheaper than buying real estate — and for millennials that’s a hard pill to swallow. In today’s market, buying and renting is tough enough for those already in the market. Getting your foot in the door can at times be close to impossible.

This story looks at five questions 20-somethings may ponder before diving into renting or buying a property in Toronto. The last point may be a touch unsettling — but it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Colin and justin after 1 Design stars Colin and Justin say it best: "Even dated 'ugly ducklings' can be morphed into beautiful swans — without the need for unrealistic investment." Check out how they took their condo from blah to beautiful.

1. How to hype up your Toronto high-rise for the 21st century

Design duo Colin and Justin share tips on how to update your Toronto condo and take it to the next level. Older condos do have their perks — higher ceilings, bigger rooms etc. So instead of spending all that money on a big move, stay in the condo you fell in love with in the first place, and simply give it the extra attention it needs.

The before and after photos say it all. Read on for some motivation and contemporary design ideas.

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