The Government of Alberta passed its 2023 budget on Tuesday, allocating over $2B in capital funding towards infrastructure and development projects in Calgary.

"Funding for projects in the province's two largest cities helps address their complex and evolving needs while positioning them for sustainable growth and economic prosperity," the Province said. "Budget 2023 gives more reason to live, work, study and invest in two of the most alluring cities in the country."

That $2B will go towards 23 different projects across the city, with the lion's share of the capital funding ($541M spread over three years) earmarked for Calgary LRT projects. The City of Calgary is currently in the process of developing the Green Line LRT, which will run a full 46 km once complete, connecting 27 communities via 29 stations between 160 Avenue N and Seton, and will be built out in phases as more funding becomes available down the line.

A Green Line connection to Calgary International Airport is also in the works, which could be built from 96 Avenue N Station and would connect to the Blue Line via 88 Avenue NE Station.

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Also receiving a sizable portion of capital funding in the 2023 budget are the Deerfoot Trail upgrades, with $429.7M allocated to improve capacity, safety, and reliability of the freeway. Another major initiative, the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project, will receive $282M spread over three years to help with flood protection along the Elbow River.

Alberta Budget 2023 - Premier Danielle Smith - Travis Toews - Calgary Capital ProjectsPremier Danielle Smith and Minister of Finance Travis Toews on Tuesday. (Government of Alberta / Flickr)

The remaining 20 Calgary projects receiving capital funding in the 2023 budget are as follows:

  • $166M over 3 years for the Calgary Cancer Centre;
  • $134.2M over 3 years to complete the Calgary Ring Road;
  • $84.7M over 3 years for the Peter Lougheed Centre Emergency Department, Mental Health Intensive Care Unit and Laboratory Redevelopment;
  • $63.6M over 3 years for the Foothills Medical Centre;
  • $59.2M over 3 years for the Glenbow Museum revitalization;
  • $57.1M in 2024-25 to support the Bethany Care continuing care modernization project;
  • $50M for Charter Hub and charter school expansion in Calgary;
  • $48.6M over 3 years for the University of Calgary’s Veterinary Medicine expansion;
  • $22M for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for a new facility to address population growth;
  • $15M over 3 years for the Repsol Sport Centre;
  • $2.1M in 2023-24 to expand the aviation program at Mount Royal University;
  • $9.5M over 3 years for a world-class gallery development at the TELUS Spark Science Centre;
  • $7.5M capital grant for the WinSport Day Lodge Renovation;
  • $7.5M in 2023-24 to accommodate a charter school program in Calgary;
  • $5M for Multidisciplinary Hub planning at the University of Calgary;
  • $3M over 3 years for planning the North Calgary/Airdrie Regional Health Centre;
  • $2.6M for the Calgary Zoo Canadian Wilds redevelopment;
  • $1.9M for the SAM Centre (Calgary Stampede Foundation);
  • $1.2M for the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Lab, to ensure critical diagnostic capacity at a lower cost; and
  • $0.8M for the Kids Can Catch Trout Pond at the Bow Habitat Station.

All in all, the Government of Alberta is projecting $68.3B in expenses in 2023, and $70.7B in revenue, resulting in a surplus of $2.4B.

"Fiscal responsibility matters," said Minister of Finance Travis Toews on Tuesday. "It's been key to achieving our strong fiscal standing and will be essential for sustainable program delivery in the future. In Budget 2023, we continue our commitment to paying down debt all while continuing to position our economy for growth and invest in the top priorities of Albertans."

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