It’s that time of year—you pick up the obligatory potted poinsettia at the grocery store and plunk it down on your dining room table. Holiday decor? Check.

There are, however, many more lovely additions and adjustments you can make in your home to usher in that cozy holiday feeling, however you celebrate it. As Torontonians, the main things we have in common around this time of year are flushed cheeks and wet boots—baby, it’s cold outside!

Try these elements to add warmth, intimacy and holiday cheer to your home.

holiday-decor-candlelight (Source: Danilo Paissan)

1. Toasty firelight

Most of us don’t have fireplaces, but hazy, glowing firelight is practically synonymous with the season. Adding groupings of candles throughout your home is effortless and inexpensive, while transforming lighting and mood.

Opt for candle holders that will further diffuse the soft firelight—red or orange frosted glass, for example—to increase the visual temperature and perfect that cozy glow. Scented candles take it one step further. Pick nostalgic scents that remind you of how your family celebrated the holidays when you were growing up.

Enjoy your candles safely, of course. Blow them out before you go to bed.

holiday-decor-metallic-accents (Source: Bruno Girin)

2. Opulent colours and metallic accents

Ruby red and emerald green are traditional holiday colours, of course, but try introducing other royal and jewel tones this time of year, including blues, purples and deep gold. Spread the colour around with throw cushions and blankets, arrangements of fresh flowers in deep colours, dark bathroom towels and cloth napkins—the richer, the better. Deep tones and rich jacquard prints create an interior opulence that ushers in the season of feasts, gatherings and indulgence.

If you don’t already have a lot of metallic surfaces in your home, introduce some gold, brass or silver accents. Candle sticks, silver serving or decorative dishes, glassware rimmed in gold—or even try some DIY crafts, such as a table arrangement of twigs and branches spray-painted in a metallic finish.

These glints throughout your home will catch the candlelight and serve as an elegant visual reminder of the icy coolness outside the home, contrasting with the warmth within.

holiday-decor-deck-the-halls (Source: ProFlowers)

3. Deck the halls

The trick with garlands is to avoid overdoing it. An elegant strand in two or three key spots—draped across a mantle or bookshelf, framing the top of a doorway, running along the stairs—and you’re good as gold.

From traditional to modern, all-natural materials to metallic adornments, there are countless options to suit your aesthetic. Garlands bring a festive string of the outdoors inside your home.

holiday-decor-indoor-twinkle (Source: Heath Cajandig)

4. Indoor twinkle

Search Google Images for “indoor holiday lights” and browse Pinterest boards for some of the stunning, creative and inspiring options out there. Again, use restraint—only a small amount is needed—to create a high-impact look.

Small, delicate indoor lights are reminiscent of twinkling stars, and the holidays are truly a time of year for dreams and a dash of magic.

Holiday decor the wreath 1 (Source: Abigail Batchelder)

5. The wreath

The wreath on your front door is your statement piece, your crowning achievement. Your guests will stand there for a few minutes as they wait for you to answer the door—make those moments memorable.

You can purchase your wreath—there are many ornate, chic or stately options—but a homemade wreath has the benefit of a personal touch and a story to tell. If you’re willing to put some effort and creativity into your holiday decor, this is the best place for it.

Pick up the materials at an arts and crafts store, pour yourself a tall glass of spiced eggnog, and spend an afternoon on your living room floor with bits and pieces of inspiration lying around.

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