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If you're anything like us, you love looking at the gorgeous kitchens in luxury listings. They're bright, airy and loaded with top of the line appliances. The exact opposite of most kitchens. But they don't have to be.

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Whether you're renting a basement apartment or own a condo downtown, there are so many ways to make your small kitchen seem so much bigger. All you need is a little creativity and a much better storage system.

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Below, we're sharing our favourite storage solutions for small kitchens. From hidden cabinets to cupboards that make use of every inch of space, these ideas will make you want to renovate.

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Make Use Of Every Inch Of Space

Photo courtesy of Diamond Cabinets.

Start with the obvious. Clear out all the junk that's taking up space in your kitchen. Unless you plan on eating it, cooking with it or using it for serving, it doesn't belong in the kitchen. Once you've cleared out the clutter, look at your kitchen as a whole. Are there any spots that are poorly utilized?  The cabinet under the sink is usually a mess, but it's the panel above it that's truly wasted space. Consider giving your cabinets an upgrade and invest in a tilted drawer that serves and inconspicuous storage.

Buy Risers, Hooks and Rods

Small Kitchen Storage Photo courtesy of The Organized Housewife.

Remember that cupboard under the sink? We aren't done. Now that you've added in another drawer, make the space work even better by adding risers, rods and hooks to optimize the space. This cupboard by The Organised Housewife is what dreams are made of. She uses a tension rod to hold spray bottles, hooks to hang gloves and slide and stack bins to maximize vertical space. The best part is, you'll never have to go digging in the back of this cupboard.

Use Floating Shelves

Big bulky overhead cabinets will make your small kitchen look even smaller. Consider adding floating shelves to store your cups and plates for an open look that lets light and air flow through the space.

Invest In Dividers

After you got rid of the clutter, you should have been left with significantly less stuff, which means now everything in your kitchen should have its own space. Dividers can help keep those items from getting mixed up with everything else you put in your drawers or cupboards. Cutlery boxes can be built into custom cabinets, but you can also make your own compartments. And, don't feel obliged to keep everything in your drawers laying upright, you might find even more space by dividing your drawers diagonally.

Use Your Walls

Floating shelves are just one way to maximize wall space. Other options include adding a magnetic strip to your wall to hang spice tins or your knife collection. You can even use a peg board like Julia Childs to hang your pots and pans. And don't forget about the space above your stove. That's prime real estate you can use for pans, utensils and frequently used spices.

If you've already tried all of these tips and your kitchen still feels small and dingy, you might want to consider painting. A light-coloured kitchen instantly opens up a tight space just like in those luxury homes.