When considering the pricey Toronto real estate market, some homebuyers may find themselves considering using their mortgage statement as wallpaper in an effort to save a little money.

If you just scored that sweet Yonge and Eglinton condo you've been dreaming of but now are scrambling to find a way to give it a swank look on a budget, take heart! Some, er, amazing design finds are just a mouse-click away.

Here’s a look at what Craigslist has filed under "decor".

7-Foot-Tall Vintage Custom Built Meccano Metal Eiffel Tower

Lovingly staged against the "relocation beige" carpeting found in so many flipped spaces, it's easy to picture this fine piece of art earning a place of honour in your home. Imagine the possibilities: Coat rack, hat stand, or apartment-style home for dust bunnies.

Antique Wooden Ironing Board

Form and function together at last. If you jumped into the micro condo trend, you need to get more bang for your decorating buck. This piece adds vintage flair and drama. Think of the excitement of placing a hot iron onto decades’ old wood. Will it catch on fire, or send burning hot metal collapsing onto your toes? Every laundry day becomes an adventure.

Giant Plastic Oversized Knight Chess Piece

In the poster's own words (and much like the expression on this black knight), this is a truly "stunning" piece of decor. While one hates to break up a set, someone realized that a giant plastic chess set is a bit much for the average home and set his or her heart on just one.

Hand-Crafted Metal Wire LOFT 8 Inch Lettering

You know how you just bought a loft? Avoid confusion with this handy piece of wall art. Never think you're merely in an apartment with these letters proudly declaring the true nature of your abode.

Antique Ox Yokes

Never host a dull party in your new pad with these conversation starters! Questions like, "What is that thing?" or "Where do you even get one of those in Toronto?" and "Why would you put that on your wall?" will make your condo the talk of the town. And in the event you decide that spending 80 per cent of your monthly income on housing isn't an ideal situation, these double as a handy starter kit for striking out to find a new homestead on the Oregon trail.

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