This year, more than any other in recent history, saw real estate make its way into the every day conversations of Canadians, discussing mortgage rates around the dinner table and rapidly rising home prices with friends. And, for better or worse, 2023 had no shortage of important real estate stories to be told.

We began the year with yet another rate hike, setting the tone for the crushing rate pain and affordability struggles that were to follow throughout 2023. This year saw home sales drop off as buyers moved to the sidelines, rent prices skyrocket, sale prices start to slip (though not enough to be helpful), and developers hold off, sell off, or, in some cases, even go bankrupt, as they struggled with the uncertain market.

As we head towards the end of December (and an end to what has been a tumultuous year for the industry), STOREYS has taken a look back at the most important issues, projects, newsmakers, and trends in our annual 'Year End' editorial series. Every day this week, we’re releasing a new take on the major events of 2023 and the people – and policies – that made them happen.

So grab a cup pot of coffee and get ready to deep-dive along with us into some of the most significant Ontario real estate stories of the last 12 months.

STOREYS’ Ontario Real Estate Project Of The Year: 'No Project'

Highrises in downtown Toronto.STOREYS' Ontario Real Estate Project Of The Year GTS Productions/Shutterstock

STOREYS' Ontario Real Estate Newsmaker Of The Year: Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow/Twitter Olivia Chow/Twitter

STOREYS' Ontario Real Estate Issue Of The Year: The Greenbelt

steve clark greenbeltHousing Minister Chief Of Staff Resigns Amid Greenbelt Blowback Housing Minister Chief Of Staff Resigns Amid Greenbelt Blowback

STOREYS' Commercial Real Estate Trend Of The Year: Office Conversions

Office and residential buildings in downtown

STOREYS' 2023 Ontario Real Estate Policy Of The Year: Open Offers

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