Look out! Winter is taking direct aim at…Toronto.

And if you’re into winter sports and ice fishing, AccuWeather’s annual winter forecast is for you.

The forecasters have spoken: Ontario is going get hit hard with storm weather. Oh joy!

"Our long-range forecasters say Ontario is expected to bear the brunt of stormy weather this season," according to the AccuWeather report.

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"The weather pattern has the potential to deliver several significant snowfall events to regions, including the greater Toronto area and into the Ottawa Valley."

December and January are predicted to be stormy, with perhaps some relief by February as the central storm track shifts further east. Southern Ontario should also expect some localized lake-effect snow to the periods of brutally cold air.

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Not to be outdone, the unscientific Farmer’s Almanac is calling Toronto’s winter the “Polar Coaster Winter” (constant rise and fall of temperatures) and claims there will be "bitterly cold conditions" east of the Rockies to Quebec. Plus, the ancient guide says, spring will be late getting started in Ontario.

As expected, British Columbians face a fairly mild winter, according to the AccuWeather forecast, which predicts the weather by province and region.

If these forecasts are filling you with winter dread, here’s 10 cool ways to embrace your inner winter. You’re welcome!

As for the weather facing the rest of country: does Toronto care?