The TTC slowdowns across Toronto mean that Line 1 will be running slowly until January 24th while track work is being completed.

If you take the train on Line 1 between Eglinton West and King, you're probably aware of that horrible squeaking sound as trains turn corners.

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Users of the TTC are pretty used to headaches, but it's usually because of closures and not the sound of the cars. The squeals are usually caused by dramatic temperature change, and the usual lubricating solutions are no longer cutting it.

It's a sign that the tracks in need of some serious maintenance, and that work is being completed over the next couple of weeks.

TTC Customer Service announced on Monday that the trains will be running slowly between the station while repairs are being completed for the safety of the workers.

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As you can imagine, the reaction to the backups of the slower trains are being felt across the city:

When rush hour hits and the trains are backed up, the lines at the platforms have started to get exceptionally long.

Hold on Toronto, it's just a few more weeks of TTC slowdowns and then we can go back to the regular weekend closures.