That's right. You read that correctly. Starting Nov. 30, TTC subway stations will no longer allow commuters to purchase tickets, tokens nor day passes onsite. Instead, people will have to buy their individual fares at third party retailers, which could be a huge inconvenience.

In 2017, the transit commission originally announced this decision. As well, the TTC hasn't yet stated when these legacy fares will no longer be accepted. Instead, when that day finally arrives, people travelling on public transit will no longer be able to exchange their tickets and tokens for refunds.

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This decision by the TTC to stop sales in subway stations is part of a systemwide initiative to make all commuters use PRESTO — an electronic tap-and-go system that you can load with money.

At present, the TTC provides transit users with paper tickets and day passes. But soon, these will no longer be useable, forcing people to purchase a PRESTO card, which costs $6 just to own.

This news comes after the release of a report by the Auditor General of Toronto, which says that nearly $3.4 million in fare revenue was lost as a result of faulty card readers on trains and in subway stations. Anti-poverty advocates have also warned that phasing out tokens will make transit less accessible to the homeless, low-income people and seniors.