Dozens of unoccupied townhomes in Vaughn were enveloped in flames over the weekend, leaving nearly half of the development in shambles according to details provided to STOREYS by the City of Vaughan.

“Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) remains on the scene of a large fire that occurred in an unoccupied subdivision off Rutherford Road and Highway 27 on November 5,” said the City in a statement.

The blaze was so large that 56 firefighters, two deputy chiefs, two platoon chiefs, two district chiefs, and 14 apparatus were “committed to fighting this fire at its peak,” the City’s statement also said. It also revealed that three members of the VFRS sustained minor injuries. One fire truck was reportedly destroyed “due to rapidly changing initial fire conditions.”

Though the fire is now under control, crews continue to monitor the site for hot spots. The City said that 44 of 111 units in the development have either been “damaged” or “destroyed” by the fire.

At present, the cause of the fire is unknown, however, investigators from York Regional Police, VFRS, and the Office of the Fire Marshal are expected to attend the scene today to determine the fire’s origin.

Given the location of the incident, at Rutherford Road and Highway 27, there has been some speculation with respect to the affected subdivision, although nothing has been publicly confirmed at this time. The City opted not to give any specifics in that regard.

This is the second time a housing development in Vaughn has broken out in fire this year. In April, another large fire destroyed approximately 20 million-dollar houses in the area of Teston Road and Pine Valley Drive.

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