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UPDATE: A decades-old city bylaw that prohibits "adult entertainment" establishments in Willowdale, will prevent Aura Dolls from its planned opening Sep. 8 — at least at its originally intended location. City councillor John Filion told his constituents in a letter that Aura Dolls violates North York's adult entertainment parlour bylaw. The company has removed the Yonge Street address from its website, but continues to promote a "grand opening" between September 8 and September 15.

If North America's first-known sex doll brothel is a success, you may just want to buy some shares in Javex.

Toronto's newest real estate acquisition was bought for the purpose of providing the sexual services of the world's most beautiful silicone ladies. Now Aura Dolls is getting set to open shop in Toronto in a strip mall on Yonge St. near Sheppard Ave on Sep. 8.

While it has been the talk of the town, not many people seem to know that much about it.

But we've discovered some information for you.

1. For one, it has already been refuted as the hemisphere's first-known sex doll brothel.

KinkySdolls took to Twitter to claim it has been operating in Toronto for over a year and is the first.

2. Clients can choose from six dolls.

Six silicone ladies will be available: Anna, Ericka, Harper, Jasmine, Scarlett, or Yuki (pictured above). The business' life-like dolls are intended to closely resemble all aspects of a human body and provide intense sensation.

3. The dolls are thoroughly cleaned.

We weren't kidding about buying those shares in Javex.

Aura Dolls says its dolls will be cleaned with a three-step routine.

While it doesn't explain the routine in detail, it does say on its website, "Our dolls are thoroughly sanitized to meet our high expectations. We take our clients health and safety extremely serious and each sanitation staff has been trained excessively through our industry developed routine to ensure the maximum wellbeing of our clients.[sic]"

4. It is recommended you wear a condom when engaging with a sex doll.

The brothel suggests wearing a condom.

In fact, Aura Dolls encourages clients to use lubricant and condoms, because there is a chance the client can contract an STI or STD from intercourse with the doll.

5. There will not be any on-site staff.

For clients' privacy, there will only be an on-site camera.

Payments are to be left on a desk before meeting the doll. Customers can call ahead to book a time and make special requests for how the doll will be clothed or set up.


“We operate similar to a brothel where guests come in, they have their own room. We have a TV monitor that plays adult entertainment and a doll … will be ready and waiting for you in your room,” Clare Lee, the marketing director of Aura Dolls, told CityNews.

6. Cost

According to the brothel's website, prices range from $80 for 30 minutes with one doll to $960 for four hours with two dolls. There will also be monthly packages to choose from soon.


That speaks for itself.