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While some areas of Toronto might turn their noses up at the sight of dogs being able to roam free, others embrace the presence of dogs and are much more accommodating.

If you're considering a move sometime soon and are looking for a pet-friendly neighbourhood, the following areas should make your short list.


Two of the cities busiest dog parks are located right here in Riverdale. Amidst all the stunning and historical Victorian and Edwardian homes are Riverdale Park East and Riverdale Park West, both of which have all sorts of room for your furry friend to run around on. Since neither one of these parks is fenced off, there's little reason for your pooch to run off elsewhere to find more space to romp in.

High Park

Smack dab in the middle of classic residences in the High Park neighbourhood of Toronto is this incredible park, filled with all sorts of goodies, including cherry blossom trees, trails, a zoo, and of course, a fenced-off dog area. While not as spacious as Riverdale's dog parks, there's still plenty of space for dogs to explore all the scents and socialize with other pups off leash.

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The Beaches

One of the most desirable neighbourhoods in all of Toronto is not only home to some of the most stunning lake views around, but it's also where you'll find an area on the beach that's dedicated specifically to dogs who can kick up the sand and cool off in the water from October to April. In fact, The Beaches is one of the city's top dog communities.


A highly sought-after neighbourhood among families because of its suburban feel and close proximity to the city, Leslieville is also home to an off-leash dog area right on Cherry Beach that allows dogs to freely run without a care in the world. This particular area features a wide beachfront area for dogs which is perfect during the sizzling months of the summer.

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Mount Pleasant

This midtown neighbourhood is well-known for its trendy eateries and unique shops, but it's also popular among dog owners because of its friendliness toward furry friends. In particular, Sherwood Park is where all the canine action is happening. Dogs can run off-leash without owners worrying about breaking any by-law rules. And the setting itself is something lovely to look at with all the mature trees and the adjacent ravine to gaze at.

Sunnybrook–York Mills

Located in North York, the Sunnybrook–York Mills neighbourhood is also famed for accommodating dogs and their need to run free. There are plenty of trails to take your pooch for a stroll, but there's also a fenced-off dog park where they can run around without having to be tethered to their owners. There are even some creeks for your dog to dip their paws into, which they'll especially love during the summer.

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Anchoring the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood in Toronto is the Central Park-ish green space where residents gather on a daily basis to get away from the concrete jungle of the city and enjoy Mother Nature's finest.

But not only can humans enjoy this neighbourhood's vast green space, so can our furry friends. This park offers pet owners a separate area for dogs to roam around in and sniff each other without cramping anyone else's style.

Distillery District

While this area might be better known for its art galleries, restaurants, and entertainment, it's also known as a pet-friendly part of the city. Residents love their dogs and are seen out and about with them all the time. In fact, many of the events held in this trendy part of the city allow dogs to attend as well. And the close proximity to the lakefront is an added bonus!