Part of Toronto's waterfront is in the midst of major development to bring the city a new island. This project — which is set to open in 2024 — will include parks, roads and municipal infrastructure, bridges and earthworks and flood protection.

Villiers Island precinct, formerly known as Cousins Quay, will deliver stunning new lakeside opportunities for work and play. PortLandsTO has released a new video detailing the island, which is only steps away from downtown.

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Construction is underway on the $1.25 billion project, which began last year. The Don River will be rerouted, allowing for the creation of the new island. The new river path will add 25 hectares of public park space and help prevent storm flooding.

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In addition to new green spaces, WaterfrontTO has promised increased opportunities for people living and working in the area, which includes mixed housing options on the island. This means the city will be welcoming an entire new neighbourhood in just a few short years.

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With the river and lake surrounding Villiers Island, there will be tons of chances to enjoy everything from swimming to canoeing nearby.


As you enjoy greenery and the water, you can rest assured that the island community will be climate-positive with zero carbon emissions and the usage of renewable energy.


According to the PortLandsTO website, the project's overall goal is to "improve quality of life, bring nature back to an underused industrial site and better protect our neighbourhoods from extreme weather conditions."


Finally, this new island is projected to bring $4 billion in revenue to the Canadian economy. So, in just five years from now, you can enjoy Villiers Island.