Many people worry about their final days. And most Canadians want to die at home. But where do you spend those last days if you don't have a home?

Over the past number of years, homeless advocacy groups like Raising The Roof and A Way Home have made great strides on behalf of Canadians living on the streets. But we still have thousands of people without homes. Many will die alone.

A new hospice in Toronto is working to change that.

The Journey Home Hospice, opening today in Toronto, wants to afford the proper care to Torontonians who are dying on the streets.

In partnership with Inner City Health Associates, Hospice Toronto and Saint Elizabeth Foundation, the Hospice aims to improve equitable access to palliative care for Toronto’s homeless community in a socially innovative way.

Its site explains how people who are homeless or vulnerably housed face a higher risk of illness. So palliative care is an urgent need.

Journey Home Hospice will be the second facility in Ontario to provide comprehensive end-of-life care for this segment of the population.

It will offer shelter and professional care for up to 50 people a year, as they live out their final days. Clients will be given a bed, health care services and a calm and comforting environment.

Once fully operational, Journey Home Hospice expects to serve approximately 100 individuals annually, plus a much larger network of family, friends and caregivers.

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