An intense fog greeted Toronto residents who were up in the early hours this weekend -- before the days gave way to some stunning summer weather.

Thick enough to blanket the skyline in a mist thick enough to render many of the city's towering condos and skyscrapers invisible, the dreamy weather resulted in a flood of snaps and videos to social media. Local photographers took to the streets and the sky to capture Toronto under a blanket of brume, and the results were both fantastic and fantastical; the city looked like a location for James Cameron's next Avatar shoot.

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Check out some of the spectacular fog-filled images... but know that keeping your head out of the clouds for the rest of the day will be tough.

Xavier eh 120198941 330574691548770 7931128728722120203 n 1 Image: @xavier_eh

Therealkentlam 120202194 2631385387176804 8050661223717262958 n 1 Image: @therealkentlam

With1goodi 120203592 118350450017876 177206627437545852 n Image: @with1goodi

Roof topper 120198931 1760561240767739 9048225345150291410 n Image: @roof_topper

Evonne Image: @evonne.syh

Yellowpolin 120178743 334901157729289 4692915716216181244 n Image: @yellowpolin

Trapezoid Image: @trapezoid.architects

Toronto city art 120201752 177617627205636 7144707550093320467 n Image: @toronto_city_art

Soraya rashid 120161861 327207328508712 5040846693411940594 n Image: @soraya_rashid_

Langbrad 120159684 150429520071980 8013162911671648168 n Image: @langbrad