On the east side of Toronto, a new lifestyle opportunity is brewing.

Blending history with modernity, and embracing "Front Street Living" at its finest, work, transit, shopping, dining, and iconic urban landmarks all meet in the space surrounding the St. Lawrence Market and the Distillery District.

It's directly between those two destinations that The Whitfield, Menkes Developments’ new build with CORE Development Group, is set to rise.

Scoring top marks in walkability and connectivity, the project's address at 180 Front Street East is ideal for any urbanite looking to truly settle into the historic edge of downtown.

Lucky for those keen on Front Street Living, The Whitfield's direct surroundings have even more history-making on the horizon.

"There’s a lot of excitement brewing in this neighbourhood," says Jared Menkes, Executive Vice President High-Rise Residential at the developer. "Newer nearby office developments such as the Globe & Mail building and Shift (which is currently under construction) are fuelling demand for the area, and creating a 24/7 or “full cycle” neighbourhood. People want to work close to home, so want access to amenities around the clock. Although Menkes isn’t the developer of these particular projects, this is certainly what we look for in a great neighbourhood."

Being surrounded by employment opportunities, small-owned businesses, shopping hubs, eateries, and a network of bike paths and trails (including the Martin Goodman along the waterfront, and those along the Don River), the condo's location boasts bragging rights that have been built to last. Indeed, the area isn't one that's just trendy for the moment -- instead, its offerings are timeless.

"I think younger residents will age out of west-side neighbourhoods such as Liberty Village, King Street West and Queen Street West," explains Menkes. "Whereas the east side better accommodates all age groups and household types."

While the build's location speaks to a broad demographic, the structure's bones do, too. In fact, Menkes explains that the design of The Whitfield pays tribute to the surrounding neighbourhood's history in manufacturing -- nodding to the historic and the contemporary, all at once.

"The tower, designed by Giannone Petricone Associates, features terracotta-toned fins," Menkes notes, "while the building’s signature curved façade features masonry 'ribbons' on the upper podium levels that serve as balconies for some units, creating a new modern look, while simultaneously fitting in with the history of the area."

Continuing on the theme of catering to diverse tastes, interior design by Figure3 brings the marriage of modernity and tradition inside the build.

"The St. Lawrence neighbourhood has beautiful heritage buildings coexisting with impressive modern structures," says Dominic De Freitas, Principal at Figure3 and lead for the company's residential studio. "There is a great character to the community which Figure3 captures effortlessly in the designs for The Whitfield."

With inspiration drawn from the neighbourhood's history, the firm has blended iconic styles with vibrant textures, and has combined the old with the new, bringing forth an atmosphere both unique and timeless.

"You’ll feel like you’re at a sophisticated old world boutique hotel when you walk into the lobby at The Whitfield," De Freitas says.

At the same time as old world vibes are served, Menkes explains, comfort and functionality have been held up as pivotal components of Figure3's design of the development (the extra time people spend at home these days considered). Future residents can look forward to logging on in designated work nooks, followed by an offline soak in their suite's serene bath. A fitness centre, a bar and games room, and a theatre all present further space for winding down, while a pet spa offers luxury to even the furriest members of the family.

"Amenities include functional spaces like the Co-work Lounge, and inviting outdoor spaces such as the Garden Café; ensuring every amenity complements an urban lifestyle," Menkes says. "Every space has been thoughtfully considered."

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The form and function of the interior aside, anyone considering moving into -- or investing in -- a new-build needs to take additional considerations. For instance: yes, the condo's location is great today... but what will the area be like down the line?

In this case, the answer is: The area is only getting better.

Menkes will develop nearly 6 million sq. ft. on Toronto's waterfront over the next eight years. While residents anticipate all that's to come to their neighbourhood throughout the next decade, they can savour the present moment with visits to The St. Lawrence Market's 120+ vendors, bike rides along the waterfront trail, and sweets at Sugar Beach every spring.

With a future that manages to look even brighter than its already-coveted present, The Whitfield offers a once-in-a-lifetime urban opportunity.

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This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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