St. Lawrence market is considered one of the best food markets in the world, it's also a constant reminder of Toronto's City Hall in 1845.

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A photo comparing the iconic market's centre section with the original 1845 City Hall building is making its rounds online and Torontonians are in awe.

The middle section of Toronto’s original 1845 City Hall persists to this day as a center piece in the St. Lawrence Market building. from r/OldPhotosInRealLife

The St. Lawrence Market as we know it today, was built in 1904, but the building its self has a history that goes back to the 1930s.

In 1831, the first iteration of the market was built between King. St. and Front St. And between 1834 and 1845, municipal offices temporarily took up residence in the part of the building located on the corner of  King St. E., and Jarvis St.

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Sadly, much of the original building was destroyed in a fire in 1849.

The St. Lawrence market as we know and love it has changed a lot over the years. Following the fire, it was rebuilt twice and has undergone significant restorations.

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Now that we know the history of this iconic building, we have to ask, can we refer to St. Lawrence Market as the old, Old City Hall?