Downsizing makes a lot of sense in today’s climate, and it’s no surprise that it’s an increasingly popular move (no pun intended) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). After all, we have an aging Baby Boomer population, sky-high home prices, and changing consumer preferences that increasingly prioritize eco-consciousness, a minimalistic lifestyle, and experiences over an abundance of things.

Plus, today's new condos are packed with every modern convenience and amenity your heart could desire — even ones you never knew you were missing in your life (hello, golf simulator) — making them more appealing than ever.

Thanks to the widespread development currently taking place across the GTA in all of its construction-filled glory, today’s downsizers have a plethora of options. Even going car-less is more doable than ever before, thanks to the shiny new condo developments that will soon tower over new and upcoming transit hubs.

Like many life shifts, however, downsizing one’s living space isn’t without its challenges – both emotional and physical. The idea of parting with our most valuable assets can make the process even more difficult. For example, your passion for spending time on the lake in the summer months may become one of the past if you have to sell your canoe or kayak. And it could take a heart wrenching toll to be the family member who sells that four generations-old dining rocking chair that just won’t work in your new condo (but that you'd love to save for your future grandchild's nursery).

Image: Self Stor Storage

Luckily, these problems are simple to solve – even simpler than finding a convenient new home that checks all your boxes. That’s where reputable companies like Self Stor Storage, pioneers in the GTA self-storage industry, come into play. Established in 1996, the self-storage company has locations throughout the GTA and offers ultra-secure homes for all of your belongings either on a temporary or long-term basis.

For example, in Richmond Hill – an increasingly popular place for downsizers to call home – Self Stor Storage is an ideal solution for organizing those items that no longer fit into your new home. Located in the midst of Richmond Hill’s central hub, making it a convenient choice for the area’s countless condo dwellers, the Self Stor Storage Richmond Hill facility just expanded, and is now offering 50% more storage space than before.

The idea of leasing storage space becomes even more appealing when your precious belongings aren’t sitting dozens of kilometres away. The sleek Richmond Hill facility, located at 25 Newkirk Road, is neighbours with the Richmond Hill GO station, making it convenient for local residents to buy themselves both space and time. Here, you’ll find a wide range of mini storage options, including units that are heated and climate controlled – perfect for things like classical instruments. Removing the pain (literally) of transporting heavy items, clients have the option of drive-up units.

Image: Self Stor Storage

While some may assume that all storage companies are considered equal – a storage locker is a storage locker, in many minds – that’s not the case in the GTA. On the security front, Self Stor Storage facilities offer personalized access cards, high definition security cameras, and perimeter fencing. It also recognizes that time schedules aren’t what they used to be, and offers extended access hours – some of the best hours in Toronto self-storage, in fact. The Richmond Hill location offers gate access daily from 6am to 11pm.

Self Stor Storage Richmond Hill | Image: Self Stor Storage

Through its 25-plus years in business, Self Stor Storage has become no stranger to glowing reviews — adding an extra layer of assurance for downsizers. For example, review platform ThreeBestRated® has selected Self Stor Storage Richmond Hill as one of the best storage options in the area.

"ThreeBestRated®, initiated in 2014, is a solely dedicated assistance, [providing] information [about] the top 3 service providers in your locality with all the necessary details. Every detail posted on the site is consciously handpicked by our team, and [is] updated on a regular basis to maintain the standards of the site,” says Sara Willson, Director of Communications of ThreeBestRated®.

“Covering the Richmond Hill Area, Self Stor Storage offers reliable and secure self-storage solutions. Their commitment to service excellence, top-tier security, and professionalism set them apart. Rest assured, whatever the term, they provide exceptional storage unit choices to fulfill diverse needs,” reads an excerpt from the rating.

So, you don’t need to say goodbye with that heirloom furniture, snowboard, or eight-person tent if you don’t want to. After all, downsizing your home doesn’t mean downgrading your lifestyle – for many, in fact, it’s the opposite.

This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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