20 in new york city vs 20 in tor (Screenshot courtesy of Youtube.com)

Where can you get more bang for your buck? In New York City or Toronto?

Well, we finally have the answer to that question ...

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Damon and Jo had $20 USD to spend for the day in New York, and The Sorry Girls had $20 CAD to spend for the day in Toronto.

You'll find out from them what you can eat, what you can do, and the not-so-obvious things you can try ...

Of course, the list includes how to get tipsy for $3 in NYC and a lot of free things in each of the cities too.

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So, here’s what $20 can get you in New York and Toronto.

And, perhaps more importantly, here's what you *can’t* get for $20 in the Big Apple and the Big Smoke.


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