In most Toronto neighbourhoods, there’s no escaping raccoons. 

The sight of raccoons has become so common that most city residents aren’t at all fazed by the sight of the furry creatures. 

But being trapped on a boat with one is another story all together. 

That’s what happened to a group of cottagers in Muskoka on a recent boat ride on Lake of Bays (proving there's really no getting away from the animals, city or cottage country).

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TikTok user @hailey.elmer took to the social media platform to share a video of the whole (terrifying) ordeal. In the clip, a racoon is seen moving from the side of the boat, down across its stern seating area, then onto the deck. A dog immediately gets worked up and needs to be held back from the raccoon. 

Though the video cuts out at this point, it’s followed by a photo of a foot covered in bloody scratches. We have a good idea of the chaos that ensured, and – frankly – are kind of glad that part wasn’t caught on camera. 

“Just a casual boat ride, until a raccoon pops out of no where and is running around the boat  #racoon #boat #muscoka #lakeofbays #foryou #foryoupage” wrote the TikTok user.


At time of writing, the video has accumulated 4394 likes, and been shared 654 times. There's no word yet on the raccoon's next moves, whether it will stay in Muskoka, or how it will handle its newfound fame.