Those who regularly ride the GO Train to commute to and from the city may have to start paying for parking in GO Transit lots, according to Metrolinx.

Anne Marie Aikins, a spokesperson for the province's transit agency, said the company is currently studying how to "better utilize paid reserved parking for more of its free spaces."

However, the planning is still in the early stages and "nothing is happening immediately as a plan has not been approved," said Aikins.

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"Our study continues along with piloting solutions and working with municipalities to support customers to get to stations other ways such as local transit, biking, walking, ride-sharing and car-pooling,” said Aikins.

This move is in response to GO Transit ridership continually increasing and parking reaching capacity at a quarter of the agency's stations. And while finding parking can be difficult at some lots, the agency says building more parking is not always possible at many stations, nor is it economical or good for the environment.

However, Aikins said the agency's commitment remains at keeping transit costs affordable for its customers.

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In the last year, 59.8 million residents took the GO train, so you could imagine that many of these riders were apprehensive about the news of the study, with some people saying this isn't a good way to encourage people to take public transit.

"I know money needs to be made but this may just end up backfiring and putting more cars on the roads," wrote one Twitter user. Another person tweeted that the train is already costly to use and suggested the agency provide some sort of discount with paid parking and transit usage.

Currently, a reserved parking space costs $98 per month and may be rented for a minimum of six months at a time.