In just a few weeks, people all over the world will get the chance to step inside Toronto’s most opulent and awe-inspiring (and ahem, expensive) abodes. Not literally (because that would be trespassing), but from the comfort of their own couches.

That’s right, Toronto is getting its own luxury real estate show: Luxe Listings Toronto will debut on Prime Video on April 26, 2024, giving viewers a rare look into the gated mansions and sprawling condos of the Bridle Path, Forest Hill, Yorkville, and, of course, the downtown core.

In addition to gorgeous places, the show will follow a few familiar faces, including Peter and Paige Torkan, founders of Team Torkan, and Brett Starke, founder of The Starke Group.

“I think there is a sentiment that successful people outgrow Toronto, or Canada in general, and I want to show the world that this is absolutely not true,” Starke tells STOREYS in an exclusive Q&A. “There is a level of sophistication and elegance here that is truly world class. Being Canadian, we don't feel the need to flaunt it or showcase it often, which may lead people to believe that it doesn't exist here — but it does, and it does at an amazing and beautiful scale.”

But beyond just flashing the best of Toronto real estate to the rest of the world, Starke says that the show, to him, has been an opportunity to bring “the trials and tribulations” of working in real estate into the public eye, while showing viewers “what it takes to sell real estate at a very high level in one of the most competitive markets in the world.”

“Toronto is different from other cities when it comes to selling real estate in many ways, but one of the major differences is although it is so ultra-competitive, we have a real culture of helping each other out, sharing best practices, and collaborating instead of competing,” he adds. “This is showcased very well on the show.”

luxe listings torontoStarke will star alongside Peter and Paige Torkan, founders of Team Torkan. (Peter & Paige Torkan Luxury Homes/Facebook)

Luxe Listings Toronto takes a page out of the book of the Australian original, Luxe Listings Sydney, but Starke says that viewers can expect the show to be Canadian to its core.

“Luxe Listings Sydney does an incredible job showcasing Sydney's ultra-luxury real estate market and stunning waterfront homes. Luxe Listings Toronto goes a step further to really showcase the fabric of what makes Toronto so incredibly special,” he explains. “I think of this show as not just a show about real estate, but rather a love letter to Toronto and to Canada.”

Although Starke is tightlipped when asked about celebrity cameos — he’ll only say that you’ll have to tune in this season to find out — he does touch on one listing that struck a chord with him while filming, and that we can expect to see on our screens as the season unfolds.

“I think it really encompasses my version of what true Canadian luxury can be,” he says. “The design of this home and property just showcases the best of the Canadian spirit: it focuses on respect for the land it's built on, it's constructed with locally sourced, incredible natural and manmade materials, rather than the imported materials that most designers choose. I think it will be obvious to viewers which property I am speaking about once they watch the show.”

As for where the show falls on the spectrum of the personal and interpersonal (a.k.a the drama) and the real estate of it all, Starke teases that there will be a good dose of both.

“It takes real people to sell real estate and everyone has their own battles, relationships, and personal lives, and nothing and no one is perfect. Viewers will definitely get a glimpse into my personal life,” he reveals. “I think what people will notice is that, when it comes to selling real estate, there isn't necessarily a clear distinction between your personal life and your professional life. We always say what you do in your personal life will show up in your professional life in real estate and I think we showcase that well on the show.”