When discussing the perks of an urban address, listing a plethora is no problem: walkability; access to transit; shops and supermarkets nearby; and entertainment of all sorts at your fingertips.

But the one lifestyle benefit that's oftentimes lacking for those living in city centres is a connection to nature. Lush grasses in July, snowy plains in February, a sunset to swoon over come the May long weekend... these seemingly-small details, when missing from the day-to-day, can leave one feeling stressed, stuck in their head, and generally out of touch with life's most simple pleasures.

That said, for true urbanites, skipping town to gain access to the great outdoors isn't an option. Instead, those who love the city's buzz seek to put down roots in a place that serves the best of both the natural, and the metropolitan.

Enter: Metro Park Condominiums by DBS Developments.

In the midst of not one, not two, but several of Toronto's many oasis-like natural spaces, the condos rising just south of Don Mills and Eglinton perfectly capture the essence of 'nature in the city.'

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Immediately surrounding the development coming to St. Dennis Drive, Sunnybrook Park, Serena Gundy Park, ET Seton Park, and the Toronto Botanical Gardens offer lush examples of greenery. This is all without mentioning the Don Valley, flowing just east of the address.

Metro Park Condominiums Location

Despite being known as one of North America's most bustling cities, Toronto actually boasts an impressive number of natural spaces. In the west end, High Park, Humber Bay Park, and the Humber River (complete with its marshes) offer green respites. Morningside Park and the Scarborough Bluffs wait in lushness on the east side of town. And centrally, Evergreen Brickworks and the Don Parklands provide a gorgeous green path from the waterfront, up past North York, reaching Don Mills and beyond.

With all these organic environments (plus more) within Toronto's boundaries, condo dwellers have more opportunities to connect to nature than they may realize. And while summertime may be the most obvious season when one would reap the benefits of living near greenery, it must be remembered the positive impacts of parkland can be savoured all year long.

For instance, in winter, a visit to the Toronto Botanical Gardens will serve sights you'd never get to experience in the summer. Imagine: the sunset glistening off ice-slicked waters, while manicured-yet-rugged flora -- frozen in time -- frame the golden glow; this environment, while chilly, promises prettiness and peace at the end of a long day spent working remotely, staring at screens. (Log off at 5 pm to catch golden hour, and you're in for a real treat.)

While some may prefer a calm stroll to soothe their soul at the day's end, others will want to spend their off-hours exerting their pent-up energy. Offering the chance to do just that, Sunnybrook Park boasts wide-open spaces and trails ideal for wintry activities like snowshoeing, while kilometres of woodland trails in the Don Valley call for cross-country-ski enthusiasts to break out their gear.

Kids always appreciate access to green spaces temporarily blanketed in snow, as they offer the ideal backdrop for a snowman-building competition, snow-angel making, or a playful snowball fight. And of course, when there's even a slight topographical incline in the equation, a fresh fall of snow is the perfect excuse to grab that sled (or a sturdy garbage bag) for hours of tobogganing fun.

Come spring, icy grounds will melt to make way for freshly-sprouted grass, blooming flowers, and post-rain puddles. (The latter being yet another fun opportunity for kids and adults alike to embrace nature, as long as you've got the right footwear.) In the fall, living near parks means easy access to daily-walk destinations more inspiring than the neighbourhood crescent. Even more than the family dog will appreciate the wide variety of smells in the park, you'll swoon over the colours of the changing leaves.

parksSunnybrook Park/Shutterstock

And when it comes to the benefits of residing near lush, natural spaces in the summer, the story writes itself. Morning runs, weekend picnics, kicking the soccer ball after work, meeting up with your exercise troupe for fresh-air burpees, laying down a blanket and falling into your current read... when daylight starts before 6 am and doesn't fade til past 9 pm, parks provide the chance for you to practically live in the great outdoors, if that's your preferred routine.

At the end of a day filled with fresh air, you want home to be just around the corner. And ideally, this home offers all the perks and benefits that contemporary urban abodes are known for: top-tier amenities, inviting communal spaces, a chic aesthetic -- the works.

As if on cue, Metro Park Condominiums is rising up in the North York scene, poised to offer residents the whole package.

Metro Park Condominiums Terrace (Rendering)

Featuring a 37-storey tower, Metro Park Condominiums brings 405 new units to the neighbourhood, alongside more than 25,000 sq. ft. of curated amenity spaces and a brand-new public park. This means an unmatched opportunity for families, young professionals, and downsizers to secure the lifestyle of their dreams -- one that blends urban energy with nature's beauty.

You could even say, at Metro Park Condominiums, life will be a walk in the park.

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This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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