Halloween Looking for a good scare? A trip through the online classifieds searching for "Halloween Decor" might provide more frights than a trip to a haunted house. (Photo above courtesy Pixabay, photos below courtesy Kijiji)

It came from Kijiji ...

In case you haven't been shopping since mid-August, the Halloween decoration season is in full swing.

Big box retailers have spent months laying out the latest in spooktacular trends. From ghostly lazy lights to a (presumably) life-size T-Rex egg, it's never been easier to spend ridiculous amounts of money to make your home scream for Halloween.

However, if you spend so much on your mortgage that you sometimes ponder unravelling toilet paper decorations from a tree to take home, your wallet can rest in peace. There are ways to still be the coolest ghoul on the block on a budget.

Thanks to online classifieds, rather than letting previous purchases haunt the storeroom, many freaky folks are looking to offload amazing decor at bargain prices.

Take a trip through Kijiji and resurrect your living space …


Suited Skeleton

If you’re a snappy dresser, shouldn’t your Halloween decor reflect your taste?

Place this smartly dressed skeleton in your suite to let folks know your candy has class.

Want to up your fashion factor? Also included is a singing skeleton wearing a cape and a hoodie. After all, Halloween doesn’t have to mean the death of good design.


Crochet Camo Skull Pillow

Small space? Minimalist design? If you've only got room for one piece of All Hallow's Eve adornment, let it be a polyester-filled pillow form covered in an Etsy-worthy camouflage pirate crossbones.

Crocheted from the finest acrylic yarn, this piece also adds a festive touch during Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathons.


Seven empty Crystal Head Vodka Skull Glasses

The seller of these versatile heirloom pieces clearly knows that staging is everything.

The well-lit display images showcase how these beauties can be used to add a touch of class to your next scary soirée.

The seller has also thoughtfully included the amount of liquid that can be held in each vessel, though it is very clear that it's BYOB.


Haunted Trail Starter Kit

Own a condo? That's unfortunate, because you're going to need some serious square footage for this lot.

From life-size Freddy and Jason figures to what appears to be some sort of less-than-grateful undead rock band, this collection will give the souls wandering the neighborhood something to talk about.

And if the decapitated heads presided over by a demon don't send them screaming, there's a good chance the clown-like court jester will.


Antique Witch Execution Painting

If you're a serious art collector looking for a seriously creepy addition to your home gallery look no further than this rare, one-of-a-kind antique painting of the bloody severed head of a witch.

Not the pointy hat, wiggly nose kind of witch. No, this century-old canvas painted in the "primitive impressionist" style showcases the aftermath of a European witch trial. Hang it in a child's bedroom next to a scary clown picture for a lifetime of memories.

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