It's officially December, snow is on the ground, and Black Friday deals have all but totally passed. So if you haven't gotten your holiday shopping started, it's high time to do so!

Whether you've just got a few final purchases to finalize or you've yet to begin the holiday hunt, it's likely you could use a little helping hand. That's where we come in.

This year, it's more important than ever to be mindful of the living situations the loved ones on your list are in.

From cozying up in a condo to living large at the cottage, people are experiencing their spaces in a 24/7 type of way that they haven't been accustomed to before now. This means that gifts aimed at amplifying the comfort level in each type of home will, no doubt, be sincerely appreciated.

With choices ranging from tiny keepsakes to gluggable wines to utilitarian indulgences, we've gathered up the ideal items for each type of person on your list this year.

Consider the following your 2020 gift guide directory:

For the Condo Dweller

When space is at a premium, as it is for the condo dwellers in your life, our curated gift guide features ideas that are double duty. Think: a 7-in-one Instant Pot, or a stylish diffuser and blend kit that will help their condo feel revitalized and relaxed.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For the City Condo Dweller

For the Renter

Where rentals are concerned, there are two main areas of focus: space and permanence. This guide will walk you through options that will be loved by a renter while remaining unobtrusive for their environment... and unproblematic for their damage deposit.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For the City-Dwelling Renter

For the Homeowner

As winter offers the promise of continued time at home, this gift guide is filled with ideas that are sure to not only make a homeowner’s holiday but will also help them nest in style.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For the Urban Homeowner

For the Cottage-Owner

Whether the cottager in your life is spending the chilly season enjoying their vacation house, or they’re already dreaming about returning to it once warmer days come back around, they’ll surely appreciate a holiday gift meant to amplify their time away.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For the Stylish and Savvy Cottage-Owner

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