hideous-holiday-home-decorations (Source: Michael Bentley)

'Tis the season — for some people to ruin the look of their homes with festive decor that would make Santa think twice about going down the chimney.

Here are 10 hideous holiday home decor no-no-no's to avoid.

1. Building your own Christmas army

home-decorations-1 (Source: mommyish.com)

There's something frightening about a house barricaded by a bunch of General Santas, leading a squad of Frostys, flanked by a platoon of Nutcrackers.

2. Piggybacking on your neighbour's decorations

home-decorations-2 (Source: heavy.com)

If you can't beat them — "Ditto" them.

3. One-colour lights — and especially if that colour is yellow

home-decorations-3 (Source: heavy.com)

Way to make your home look like it is dripping in frozen urine.

4. The holiday garage sale

home-decorations-4 (Source: businessinsider.com)

Hey, let's just toss all our old Christmas decorations on the front lawn!

5. Silent night, blinding lights…

home-decorations-12 (Source: flowerstales.blogspot.ca)

Ghost of Christmas Present: "And what would you like for Christmas little boy?"

Tiny Tim: "My retinas back. I want my retinas."

6. Getting too carried away in a manger

home-decorations-6 (Source: businessinsider.com)

Recreating the Nativity scene is great, but you don't have to recreate the city of Bethlehem.

7. That ONE house on the block …

home-decorations-11 (Source: imgrum.net)

Do you really want to be known as the one house on the block that literally outshines all of your neighbours?

8. Embarrassing lighting typos

home-decorations-8 (Source: pinterest.com)

Too bad these lights don't come with auto-correct.

9. A deflating sight

home-decorations-9 (Source: businessinsider.com)

How many inflatable Christmas decorations is considered too much? Answer: One.

10. Crossing the line between cheeky vs. obscene

home-decorations-10 (Source: reddit.com)

Never mind something like this being in poor taste. You run the risk of opening up the door for the neighbourhood kids to recreate this scene in real life.

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