CMHC down payment review

CMHC to Target Down Payment Requirements for Real Estate Investors

The CMHC is set to review whether current down payment requirements for real estate investors should be toughened up to reduce speculation.


Face Masks and Shields to Be Sold Tax-Free Starting Next Week

Starting next week, Canadians shopping for face masks (or shields, if that's your preference) will start seeing them sold tax-free.

Real Estate News

Canadian Economists Now Expect Property Prices in Major Cities to Drop By 2%

Find out why Canadian economists have changed their outlook on property prices in Canada's major cities in the months to come.


How Will Canada Pay Back its $343 Billion Deficit?

Finance Minister Bill Morneau revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has left Canada with a projected 2020 budget deficit of $343.2 billion.


Bank of Canada Says Impact of COVID on Economy Has "Peaked"

According to the Bank of Canada, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy appears to have "peaked,".


Commercial Rent Assistance Now Open for Small Businesses

Relief is on the way for small businesses in Ontario, as commercial landlords can now officially apply for rent assistance.


Canadian GDP Dropped 8% in First Quarter in Wake of COVID

Find out how the coronavirus outbreak impacted Canadian GPD over the course of 2020, as the economy declined due to lockdown restrictions.