It looks like the low-rise, non-residential infrastructure that defines today’s Port Lands will soon be a thing of the past as high-rise, mixed-use development proposals continue to flow in. One of the most recent proposals comes in the form of a two-tower development comprising 40 and 45 storeys, with a total of 1,300 new units.

Developers Castlepoint Numa submitted an Official Plan Amendment to the City in mid-May that is currently pending approval. The firm is known for their emphasis on Toronto heritage preservation and the development of the L Tower condos on Yonge and The Esplanade. And now, they’ve set their sights on the Port Lands.

Located within the McCleary District — a 20 hectare area expected to be a dense, transit-oriented complete community with a mix of residential and non-residential uses — the proposed site would front onto Saulter Street as well as the future extension of Villiers Street to the north and a proposed east-west street to the south.

Rising from a 6,270 sq. m, square-shaped lot on Saulter Street South, the two 40 and 45-storey towers would sit atop a seven-storey podium home to non-residential spaces in the form of retail and Production Interactive and Creative (PIC) uses. The proposal for the PIC area describes a “flexible ‘black box’ studio to complement and support the existing film industry uses located in the Port Lands.”

Rendering from Cobe architects

Renderings from Cobe architects show “The Smokestacks” as sleek, asymmetrical slanted towers that are described in the official plan as “architecturally distinct.”

According to the proposal, the development would be in close proximity to the East Harbour Mobility Hub (currently under construction) and existing planned infrastructure, such as the Waterfront East LRT and Broadview Avenue Extension.

As the Port Land’s development continues to grow, mix-use high-rises like 115 Saulter will come to characterize the currently underdeveloped waterfront neighbourhood. As of now, two similar mix-use developments are under review with the City — set for neighbouring Lake Shore Boulevard and Bouchette Street — hopefully lending potential future residents a vibrant residential atmosphere.

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