About a mile off of the coast of Nova Scotia, a private island makes a striking impression on the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Negro Island stretches across two lobes connected by a narrow strip of land, each with a distinctive terrain. While the northern portion is dense with mixed forest, its southern counterpart is covered almost entirely by red rock.

The island spans close to 800 acres, boasting seven miles of ocean frontage with elevations well over 100 feet above sea level, “making for great views [and] all the sunsets and sunrises you can wish for,” according to the property listing.

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The listing also touts the historical significance of the property. It was first settled by the French and was supposedly named by French colonist and explorer Samuel De Champlain, also known for founding Quebec City in 1608. The southern portion of the island contains the Cape Negro Island Lighthouse, which was listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places in 2009.

In addition, the island includes two natural sandy harbours, dramatic rocky cliffs, a natural stone barge landing, a marsh flush with rare species, and a once-public road running the entire length of the island.

The Specs:

Oh, and in case you haven’t already gathered, Cape Negro Island is exclusively accessible by boat.

Our Favourite Thing

Whether you're in search of an ultra-private retreat or are an investor looking for a new venture, Cape Negro Island is packed with potential. In addition to its ample natural beauty and almost 800 acres of land, the island already includes safe building sites, taking you one step closer to realizing the private island of your dreams.

Cape Negro Island is located in Nova Scotia's Shelburne County. The town of Yarmouth and its regional airport are just over an hour's drive away. Halifax and its international airport are two hours away. But with so much natural beauty to enjoy on the island itself, you mind find yourself happy to leave landlocked life behind.


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