A pioneer of Queen Street West’s early 2000s revival, Callum MacLachlan is among the most diverse real estate veterans you could meet in Toronto today.

Now, the established industry insider is seeking to bring his creativity — paired with his strong sense of industry connection — even further than he has before, with the aim to disrupt real estate brokerage and development.

Meet MacLachlan: Where He’s Been

MacLachlan’s storied career has seen him spearhead Queen Street West’s early 2000s revival, The Beaconsfield, and 64 Steps Contemporary Art gallery, and build homes in Summerhill, win Gemini (now Canadian Screen) Awards for environmental design, create Aguamiel & ALIDA tequila, fashion some of Canada’s most notable brands, and close game-changing real estate deals.

If you haven’t yet met MacLachlan, you’ve likely heard of him — or, even more likely, seen his work.

Where Is He Now?

Today, MacLachlan currently holds many professional titles. He’s the founder and managing director at development firm Slateford; a senior associate at Marcus & Millichap real estate investment firm, a founder & CEO at design build and communications agency artform*; and the cofounder of Aguamiel & ALIDA tequila. A long-time fixture in the North American art world, MacLachlan is also a notable curator and painter. (Fun fact: he also appeared in The Tragically Hip’s music video for “Ahead by a Century”).

His colourful background and diverse skill set, combined with an outgoing and warm demeanour, have contributed to MacLachlan’s reputation as a long-time skilled connector. But he also has a natural knack for real estate, complete with a disruptive, full-service approach. This all-in-one style includes everything from finding opportunities and sites through to financing them. In short, MacLachlan is involved in every level of the real estate investment paradigm.

Home interior via Slateford

His celebrated work sees MacLachlan collaborate with investors, speculators, and high-end builders across North America. He brings fresh thinking to the table, from finance and design, through to marketing and development partnerships.

“The common denominator is bringing creativity to it all,” MacLachlan says.

Callum MacLachlan

Where He’s Going: Doing Development And Bringing It To Brokerage

The development realm is one where MacLachlan’s name is rising. With his impressive portfolio laying a foundation — recall those Queen Street West and Summerhill endeavours — Slateford is now looking to invest, acquire, and assemble, all across southern Ontario.

The investment and development firm already has projects in the pipeline, and is inviting conversations about additional collaborations.

As for brokerage? This is another sphere where, backed by his wide spectrum of experience, MacLachlan is making waves. Via his Senior Associate role at Marcus & Millichap, MacLachlan is establishing himself as a diverse and disruptive contemporist/specialist. His natural inclination towards communication and collaboration sees him working with the very best, in order to provide full-order service to buyers and sellers all across Canada.

Contemporary, Creative, And Connected

In summary, when it comes to real estate, MacLachlan does things his own way.

“Mine is a different approach; I’ve been an entrepreneur since I started,” he says. “There is no guidebook telling you how or what you’re supposed to do. You make it up as you go, and you grind.”

Connections, and the ability to connect people to one another, are front and centre for MacLachlan. “I love having the ability to introduce people to each other who may have never met otherwise,” he says of his entrepreneurial journey in interconnected industries.

Now, MacLachlan says that his professional brand is known for its relationships with developers — and people with money and capital. “From a commercial standpoint, we can raise capital for some of the city’s most exciting projects,” he says. “We can bring them to people and talk to them and really create fresh opportunities for people out there.”

For MacLachlan, the goal is for these relationships to continue to expand and grow. He’s excited about the conversations he’s having with industry leaders today.

And as for the conversations not already in progress? That’s just because they haven’t met yet.

Hockey Night in Canada design-build via Callum MacLachlan

This ability to take people and brands to the next level is one of his career highlights, says MacLachlan. One of many career highlights, that is. While he can’t name just one, he fondly mentions a design-built project for Hockey Night in Canada. For this, artform* was tasked with the hugely important (and very Canadian) job of creating an environment from which Rogers Media, Sportsnet and Hockey Night in Canada could be moved in-house. The project included massive video installations, AV and AR, and environmental, tech, and integrated lighting.

To toast his successes, MacLachlan can turn to his 2018-launched tequila brand, ALIDA — and he’s always looking forward.

ALIDA Tequila via Callum MacLachlan

As for MacLachlan’s advice for the next generation of up-and-coming connectors?

“Be brave and loyal, and keep your stick on the ice.”

If you’re interested in connecting with Callum MacLachlan to discuss your newest real estate venture, he invites you to contact him. Click here to learn more.


This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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