Vaccination status remains a hot and ever-important topic as Canada continues to claw its way out of the pandemic.

The real estate market is no exception.

Last week, influential Calgary-based real estate company Strategic Group announced that all prospective tenants will be required to show proof of vaccination. Existing tenants were notified of the change in September, says the company. Strategic Group leases over 1500 suites throughout Calgary and Edmonton.

“We know that vaccination against COVID is the only way our entire community is going to end the pandemic and get back to normal,” says Strategic Group Chief Operating Officer Tracey Steman. “As a corporate citizen, we feel it is our responsibility to use whatever levers we can to help get to that point.”

While Steman says they’re not sure if they’re the first company to have this kind of policy, they hope that it inspires others to do the same. “We are all in this together, after all,” says Steman. 

VaccineAmpoules with Covid-19 vaccine on a laboratory bench.

Steman says there has been very little pushback from existing renters or would-be new renters. 

“In fact, existing and prospective renters are telling us how much safer and more comfortable they feel knowing their neighbours are also vaccinated,” says Steman.

While the unvaccinated residents won’t lose their homes, Steman says they will be unable to use common amenities like fitness rooms, party rooms, or guest suites. 

Strategic Group has had discussions surrounding vaccine policy since the early summer. “We implemented our employee policy in June and our resident policy in September,” said Steman. “The latter coincided with the Alberta provincial government’s announcements related to vaccination requirements.”

Whether such an initiative will catch on in condos throughout the country remains to be seen. But we wouldn't be surprised if others follow suit.