Making an outdoor or backyard rink is a staple of Canadian winter. It's one of the things that gets us through the minus thirty weather and ice storms that kill our power.

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Whether you buy a kit from Canadian Tire, wait for your lake to freeze, or build one from your local hardware store, we have a few handy tips to turn your outdoor rink into a luxury winter retreat you'll use right through until March.

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Tips For Making The Perfect Backyard Ice Skating Rink:

1. For picture-perfect ice, mix some milk in with the water before it freezes to make the ice white. It's an old wives tale from Montreal that is believed to make ice rinks look professional.

2. If you have a few large bumps in the ice from falling snow or displaced water, try hooking up an iron to an extension cord and iron out the bumps. It sounds crazy but it will keep the ice smooth so the kids can get some real momentum going. If you decide to give this option a try, consider buying a cheap iron just for this purpose.

3. This might sound obvious, but a good thing to keep in mind is to keep the ice rink away from your dryer vent. A rink is fun, but a pond is a cold waiting to happen.

4. Get your liner up early when spring comes and your grass won’t be damaged. Your lawn, garden, and overall backyard will thank you for it.

5. Start with a good base. Five inches should do the trick. From there it's all about maintenance.

Now Without Further Ado, Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Canadian Rinks:

This is probably one of the more Canadian photos we found. Hockey and Tim Horton's not much more that says Canadian winter.

Well, this one might be more Canadian...

Part of being a proud Canadian is the amazing views on the west coast. This shot proves it singlehandedly.

And all the way to the east coast, Canada keeps it coming with the gorgeous backyard skating.