Baker Real EstateCanada's leading pre-construction residential and condominium sales company, is launching a new strategic partnership aimed at providing developers with customized design and sales strategies.

The partnership, named Baker Insights Group (B.I.G.), will provide developers the combined power of its deep experience in the Canadian high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise home market with the leading-edge, real-time research and data analysis of Special Market Advisor, Ben Myers.

Myers is the president and owner of Toronto-based Bullpen Research & Consulting Inc. and has 20 years of real estate research experience in both the US and Canada. Through his experience, Myers has established himself as an industry expert, and a go-to source for the latest information and insight on the domestic residential housing market, with special focus on the condominium sector.

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"For our clients, the impact of this partnership is significant. We understand the Canadian pre-construction business and how it's evolving" said Baker CEO, Barbara Lawlor. "B.I.G. allows us to take our insights to the next level and transform them into bespoke business models."

Through the partnership, Baker Real Estate and Myers will use their respective strengths to generate customized design and sales strategies for developers.

Being in a highly competitive sector, having the ability to draw upon targeted data and analysis will serve as a significant advantage for Baker clients.

"Using data-based insights, our clients will be able to fully refine the development and sales of their pre-construction projects." said Harley Nakelsky, President of Baker Real Estate. "We can now provide them with an even better sense of where consumer demand is moving and how to get in front of it".

The B.I.G. partnership will also provide condo buyers and media with a valuable source of market information that will allow them to make informed decisions about their purchases.

With offices in TorontoMontreal, and Vancouver, Baker Real Estate uses its experience to provide consulting on all aspects of development, ensuring clients strategically customize their projects and optimize returns with the ideal unit mix, floor-plan, pricing, and marketing.

With a growing market share, Baker has sold over 100,000 units and generated $80-billion in new home sales.

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