The tale may not be old as time, but it sure feels like it is. (That tale being: How the last year has made loving one's home more important than ever before.)

Now, as Toronto looks ahead to months of hybrid lifestyles, wherein solo time will mingle with the return of socialization, city dwellers would be smart to settle down where both will be possible.

Nay! Correction: Not just possible, but pleasurable.

And a newly-listed 3+2 bed in Cabbagetown is, unequivocally, an ideal fit.

Tucked into a quiet side street near the Carlton and Parliament intersection, 31 Winchester Street #101A is a condo that'll make you forget about other condos. Spanning 2,700 square-feet across multiple floors, the property provides an opportunity for built-in rental income, or for a large family to make each corner of the abode their own.

Nodding to the history that's ingrained in the address's surroundings, 11-foot ceilings soar overhead while refinished original parquet floors lay under foot.

Crown mouldings maintain the space's classic and polished feel. Meanwhile, contemporary extras including three fridges, two stoves, two dishwashers, and an in-suite washer/dryer all affirm that modern conveniences can, indeed, be presented with an element of tradition underpinning them.

Thanks to the property's many bedrooms, 31 Winchester could serve as a large-family home, or a live/work space for a smaller family unit amid the work-from-home era.

What's more, the abode's immense square-footage and stunning private terrace mean that when the time to entertain does make its return, everyone will want to attend this Saturday evening soirée.


Beyond the brilliance the main suite brings forth, the property is finished with two separate lower units: The first is a 942-square-foot one-bedroom, complete with an outdoor terrace. Alongside that, a 814-square-foot studio provides an additional opportunity for built-in income.

Alternatively, these apartments could serve as livable add-ons to the main residence, or as in-law or nanny suites.

From its upper levels to its lower, and from its exterior to within, 31 Winchester will be a major win for whomever is lucky enough to snag it. If you're keen on placing your bid, get excited via the home's virtual tour below:

This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.