As renowned Canadian architect Arthur Erickson once said, “great buildings that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case, they are unique, poetic products of the heart.”

In other words, buildings have the potential to be more than just functional — to also prioritize form. But the special ones are hard to find, and only a handful of properties can be considered true works of art.

A home needs to be more than just aesthetically pleasing to be an artistic dwelling; it needs to inspire its inhabitants through unique, thought-provoking design that pushes boundaries and transcends the norm.

(You’ll know one when you see it.)

Enter: 1176 W 7TH Avenue. One peek at its sleek, industrial-yet-cozy interior is enough to evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and intrigue — and leave you feeling inspired.

Designed by Arthur Erickson himself, in collaboration with Nick Milkovich,this modern townhome is part of a tri-plex townhouse community called Choklit, named after the nearby park where the original Purdys Chocolatier factory once stood.

Erikson was known for blending natural and industrial design elements into his work, and this building is no exception – its design mixes classic architecture with avant-garde, creating a complexity that captivates the mind and inspires work, play, and relaxation.

The home has been featured in outlets like Western Living and The Vancouver Sun, where it’s been referred to as a “cathedral of art,” and the perfect blend of “modern and…historic.”

While the home’s design stands on its own, it doesn’t hurt that it’s nestled in the quaint and charming neighbourhood of South Granville. With its tree-lined streets, artisanal shops, and vibrant cafe scene, the surrounding area is a perfect reflection of the home's artistic spirit.

Granville Island is just 3 minutes away by car, meaning future inhabitants will have quick access to one of the city’s most inspiring artistic hubs.


The home’s layout is open-concept, with huge loft windows that flood the space with natural light and blur the boundary between indoors and out.

Wood elements are incorporated throughout the home, adding to its natural look, while exposed concrete walls weave in an industrial vibe that gives the space a “New York feel,” as quoted in Western Living.

Its soaring 30 ft ceilings and exposed staircase — made of edge grain fir treads, glass, and stainless steel — make the 2,821 sq. ft. abode feel even more spacious. It’s been comfortably inhabited by a family of three, who have enjoyed the home as a work/live/play space over the past decade.


Our Favourite Thing

With its open concept and huge loft windows, the home effortlessly leverages the area’s natural beauty, and brings in a sense of calm from the surrounding neighbourhood and lush trees outside. Yet, nothing beats the true outdoors — that’s why we love the home’s spacious rooftop deck, with panoramic views of Vancouver’s city skyline and surrounding mountains. It’s the perfect spot to host a BBQ, lay out a yoga mat, or watch the sunset on a warm summer day.


Beauty aside, this townhouse includes all the practical touches that make it extremely livable, including a two-car garage, radiant in-floor heating, A/C, NEST, and in-ceiling Sonos speaker system.

Don’t miss out on this chance to own not just a home, but an acclaimed piece of art designed by one of Canada’s most famous architects. (And the opportunity is indeed a rare one; homes at Choklit come to market about once every 10 years.)

Check out the listing for more information about the property, or to schedule a viewing.






This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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