The second you walk into Eataly, opening in the Manulife Centre at 5 p.m. Wednesday, you’ll be like, “Here, take all my money." Drop your keto commitments and indulge at one of the best new culinary destinations Toronto and Bloor-Yorkville now has to offer.

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There’s 50,000 square feet and three floors of pizza, pasta, and seafood inside the Manulife Centre.


You better like cheese, the formaggi counter stocks 600 different types to try.


Nicola Farinetti is the global CEO and son of Eataly founder Oscar Farinetti and gave folks a tour of the facility, stressing that they take their pizza so seriously they partnered with a family from Naples to get it just right.

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Pastaio (pasta maker) Luca Donofrio has an Instagram worth following and knows how to hand-make over 375 pasta shapes.


Every Eataly has the same model of wood-burning oven, shipped from Spain and built on-site.


Bakers at Eataly make 1,000 loaves a day using Italian organic and stone-ground flour.

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The wall of $2,000 wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano will have you salivating.


They go through a wheel a day!


The “Sweet Corridor” features a house-made gelateria using milk from Ontario’s Sheldon Creek Dairy.


There’s an entire wing, the size of an LCBO, dedicated to olive oil and vinegars.