It's a "newly-renovated micro studio located in the west end," they said.

"It'll be fun," they (may as well have) said.

But anyone who actually scrolled through the details of the West Vancouver listing would soon know: This place should not be called a studio... Even of the "micro"-variety.

It may have been complete with brand-new porcelain flooring, granite finishing, and a large window, but such details were not spread out between defined dining, sleeping, and bathroom areas. Oh, no.

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Instead, they were squeezed into a 160 sq. ft. bathroom, into which a bed had been plopped.

The listing -- since deleted, but recently slammed (for good reason) on Vancouver is Awesome -- was described as "ideal for a single individual looking to live downtown at an affordable rate, [who] does not need much space."

We can't argue that a monthly rent of $680 would easily be defined as "affordable," especially for apartment-hunters in Vancouver or Toronto. But if you ever catch us shelling out nearly $700 per month to sleep with our feet all but in the toilet, call our mothers.

The place sought a tenant for three months at minimum, after which there would be an option to extend. No pets would be allowed, which is probably for the best, and while the "unit" did include a hot plate and mini fridge, there were no further features of a kitchen.

Rent would be inclusive of hot water, electricity, garbage disposal, and heat.

Not included in the cost of the less-than-200-square-foot-space are laundry (which is on site, but is coin operated) and parking (which is available at street level, but requires a permit).

Rental Specs:

  • Location: Bute and Barclay area, Vancouver
  • Bedrooms: 0
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Size: 160 sq. ft.
  • Price: $680/mo

Whacky listings hit the market every once in a while, so maybe this very literal 1-bed, 0-bath is just a fluke. But it's no secret that the rental markets in Canada's most densely-populated cities are beginning to return to their competitive heights.

So if this listing is indicative of where Vancouver's rental market is at, we say: Something's gotta give. And in our opinion, that "something" isn't a cheque-bearing tenant.

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