This weekend's scheduled TTC subway closures aren't anywhere near as bad as the ones we’ve had in the past, but we'd still prefer no closures at all.

There will be one scheduled closure this weekend, affecting a few select stations on the city's east end.

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Read on for all the details regarding this weekend's closure...

What’s Closed

There will be no subway service on Line 2 between Victoria Park and Kennedy stations on Saturday and Sunday due to rail replacement. That includes the closure of Warden Station.

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How To Navigate The Closure

Shuttle buses will operate, as will Wheel-Trans services.

How To Pay

If you’re paying with PRESTO during the subway closure just tap your card when you first board the TTC.

If you are transferring from the subway to a shuttle bus or from a shuttle bus to the subway don’t tap your PRESTO card again. Unlike normal subway to bus transfers, shuttle buses do not need a second tap.

Cash and token fares will still be accepted on the shuttle bus, which will get you a transfer onto the subway (and vice versa).

All normal service will resume on Monday after the weekend.