Nobody wins when you skip out on paying to take public transit in Toronto.

Not only are you contributing to Toronto's growing fare evasion problem, which is estimated to have cost the TTC at least $61 million in 2018, you're also putting yourself at risk of receiving a rather hefty fine, or worse, a criminal charge.

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And yet, every day, countless Torontonians across the city still choose to not pay, which is why the TTC is reminding the public of the potential consequences.

"There is no excuse not to pay your fare," the city's transit agency tweeted on Tuesday, adding, "You may face a fine of up to $425 or a criminal charge."

According to the TTC, collected fares help the transit agency limit fare increases, deliver service, and maintain its system. When riders choose to not pay their fare, they're impacting the TTC's ability to do this.

Fare evasion includes:

  • Illegal entry into a subway station through a bus bay
  • Entering a fare gate without paying (including pushing a gate, hopping over a gate, walking behind someone - also known as tailgating, or holding a gate open)
  • Boarding a bus or streetcar without paying

Paying your fare on the TTC

Remember, there are more than enough ways to pay your fare including by cash, ticket, token or by using a PRESTO card with money or a monthly pass loaded onto it.

You can also use a one-ride, two-ride or day pass PRESTO Ticket, which is available from Fare Vending Machines at select subway stations, as well.