Last year, the City installed 50 automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras throughout Toronto and starting in May, they will be relocated to new locations.

According to the City, Toronto’s 50 speed enforcement devices will begin rotating to the third round of locations in May to reduce speeding at more areas with safety concerns, encourage a wide-ranging deterrent effect, and raise public awareness about the need to slow down and obey posted speed limits.

Each speed camera was installed following the growing number of pedestrians and cyclists being killed in collisions on city streets. Two cameras will be installed in each of the city’s 25 wards as part of the Vision Zero plan to reduce traffic fatalities.

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As per provincial guidelines, warning signs have been installed at all new locations to warn drivers in advance, though, warning letters will not be issued in lieu of tickets.

To ensure that drivers know exactly where each speed camera is located, we’ve put together an interactive map that pins where the cameras are throughout the city and what ward they are part of.